Hair Salons in NYC

There are thousands of salons in New York.

Hair Salons in NYC

Some hair salons in NYC are so popular that it is next to impossible to get appointments at them. The lucky few who are able to obtain time slots in the most exclusive NYC salons must sometimes pay a small fortune to obtain a haircut, a style, hair extensions, highlights, or any other offered service.Of course, not all hair salons in NYC are exclusively for celebrities and millionaires, and the majority of them are designed for average clients who are not willing to spend thousands of dollars on a simple cut.

Salons are not Scarce

New York City is not large in terms of square miles, but it is jam-packed with a huge number of salons in every one of the city's boroughs and subdivisions.

Typically, salons located on Madison Avenue are known for having celebrity and model clients, and salons located in Greenwich Village are known for providing more trendy cuts and styles. Each section of the city has its own personality, and the salons located in each area typically reflect those characteristics.

Celebrity Hair Styles

Anyone wanting to obtain a hair cut and style similar to a favorite celebrity can usually do so at a New York City hair salon. Because NYC is where many of the world's most famous movie stars, models, and musicians get their hair cut, and due to the fact that many of them live in NYC, it's not uncommon for hair stylists in the city to receive requests for Paris Hilton hair styles and Ashlee Simpson hair styles, for example.

A celebrity hair style or a unique hair style can be achieved by visiting an actual celebrity stylist, or by utilizing a regular stylist in one of many well-known salons.

Top New York City Salons

Some of the most famous hair salons in NYC are known for the numerous celebrities who frequent them.

  • Garren New York: This is a salon that has very high profile clients. Some of the most famous celebrities who have had their hair styled at Garren New York are Oprah, Naomi Campbell, and Madonna. It is possible to get an appointment at Garren, but just about every service that the salon provides is on the expensive side with a simple hair cut starting at about $600.
  • John Barrett: John Barrett's is another salon that is known for its celebrity clients. This salon is in a prime location and getting a cut and style here will make anyone feel like a million bucks. While a visit will not cost a million bucks, it will definitely cost several hundred dollars - no matter which stylist cuts and styles the hair.

Hair Salons NYC with a Theme

New York City is well-known for being trendy, and in order for salons to stay in business and thrive they must sometimes provide unique services. A few unique salon themes include:

  • Salons designed for pregnant women.
  • Salons designed specifically for blondes, brunettes, or redheads.
  • Salons that only provide blow-drying… no cuts.
  • Salons that are silent - no background music and no talking - so that the stylist can concentrate on the cut.
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Hair Salons in NYC