How to Cut Hair Layers Step by Step

Jodie Michalak
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While most at-home hair cut jobs aren't recommended, that doesn't stop plenty of people from wondering how to cut hair layers step by step. Whether you're a would-be stylist who's tired of your look and don't want to visit a professional hairdresser for change, or are simply an inspiring hair artist who needs some technical and skillful how-to information, the following layering technique can be used to cut a well-blended layered haircut on anyone, including yourself.

Instructions for Cutting Layers

Cutting layers is easy Lots of layers mean movement.

Layering can be difficult on short to medium hair types. If you're cutting your own hair, you'll want to book an appointment with a professional hairdresser unless your hair is long. There are two types of layered cuts. Over directed layers result in hair that graduates in length, while basic layers create even lengths of hair throughout the head.

The following procedures will show you how to cut hair layers step by step. Due to technical difficulty, graduated layers should be left to the professionals.

  • Start will a well-sharpened pair of shears. A dull scissors will not make an even cut, and if it does- the result will be unsightly split ends. Most beauty supply stores sell a basic pair of shears that can be used for haircutting.
  • Comb damp hair evenly and remove tangles as needed.
  • Start at the perimeter of the head and comb hair straight down to create the guideline for your cut.
  • Establish working length in the crown, this will serve as the guide for the rest of your haircut.
  • Section hair into one inch diameters as you work.
  • Hold hands at a 90 degree angle and pull hair taut.
  • Working in radial partings, connect crown length to the length in the perimeter and cut the hair to make both pairings even.
  • Continue throughout the interior, working around the head in small pie-shape sections, careful to hold hair at a 90 degree angle from the scalp as the cut continues in a progressive direction.
  • Double check cut by pulling hair evenly on both sides from the nape until you reach the crown. Any uneven sections should be trimmed to the proper length.

Weigh the Risk

While at-home haircuts can get the job done and may save pennies, there is nothing quite as certain relying on the expertise of a trained professional. For best results, make sure you follow these steps thoroughly, or you may find yourself in the stylist's chair anyway, fixing a costly mistake. If you want to start cutting your hair at home, it makes more sense on a technical level to opt for simple bang trims or even-length styles to ensure your cut is as even as possible. If you do make a mistake, keep in mind, hair does grow back. While a bad haircut can really put a damper on your self-image, there are plenty of clever cover ups such as hats, headbands, bandanas and barrettes that can mask nearly any hair faux pas.

How to Cut Hair Layers Step by Step