Pear-Shaped Face Hair Cut

Choose the right cut for your face shape.

The right pear-shaped face hair cut can accentuate your features in a striking way. Make the most of your look with a style that makes you look and feel like a million bucks!

The Pear-Shaped Face

Imagine a heart-shaped face. Now flip that upside down, and you've got yourself a pear-shaped face. Your face shape is a major factor in the haircutting process, so it's important to have a true understanding of the shape, what its strongest features are, and what you may want to draw attention away from.

In general, the pear-shaped face features a distinctly narrow forehead. The cheekbones and jaw line essentially "flare out" to showcase a wider look, while the chin adopts a rounded shape.

Basic Style Suggestions

If you're not yet in the market to get a cut but still want to sport a hairstyle that best suits your face shape, consider these tips.

Haircuts with volume near the forehead work well on pear-shaped faces.
  • Expose your forehead. Not only does this draw attention upward and away from a full jaw line, it also looks exceptionally flattering. Try pushing the hair back with a stylish headband or use a clip to hold bangs that are growing out in place.
  • Tuck your hair behind your ears. If your hair is on the longer side, tuck one side behind your ear to slim and elongate the cheekbones. Ideally, individuals with pear-shaped faces should avoid hair longer than the neckline (it accentuates the jaw's width).
  • Avoid excessive waves or curls. These tend to widen the chin and jaw lines.
  • Avoid hair that is all one length and opt instead for a layered cut.
  • Avoid parting hair in the center.

Choosing a Pear-Shaped Face Hair Cut

As with any type of face shape, some styles suit the pear-shaped face better than others. The objective of a great pear-shaped face hair cut is to create width at the temples and forehead and an illusion of sleekness along the jaw line and cheeks - essentially, a look of symmetry on the top and bottom is what you're after. The right cut will also suggest the illusion of an oval face shape.

Short, full sideswept hair can even out a pear face shape.

An ideal style for individuals with pear-shaped faces is the layered shag cut. Layers create fullness on the upper half of the face and help to accentuate those features that are otherwise drowned out by a prominent jaw line. This style also helps draw greater attention to the eye area. For an extra boost, tuck hair behind your ears - it will add some width to the upper half of the face.

A wedge cut is also ideal for pear-shaped faces. An updated take on this flattering style will work wonders in training all the attention on your best features. Wedge cuts, also known as "stacked" cuts, require a precise cut that reveals one layer of hair cut just slightly longer than the layer before it. The result is a graduated look that relies on a "weight line" to determine where the layers should stop. This style suits pear-shaped faces well and is also very easy to care for. It should be noted that individuals with straight hair will have an easier time managing a wedge cut than those with curly or wavy hair.

Some Final Tips

Create some height and fullness at the top of the head to really balance things out nicely. If you have bangs, angle them slightly and tuck them behind the ears to frame the jaw line and draw attention upward. While height is good, too much fullness at the crown is not. If you do choose to go with a longer hairstyle, keep the hair as close to your head as possible; anything too voluminous will add weight to the bottom of the face.

Hair cuts for pear-shaped faces can be attractive and stylish while simultaneously balancing the face shape for more even, flowing features. Don't be afraid to try different cuts and styles to find just the right look to show off your best features!

Pear-Shaped Face Hair Cut