Shampoo Dispensers

AVIVA Three Chamber Dispenser
AVIVA Three Chamber Dispenser

Shampoo dispensers are convenient, easy-to-use accessories that can make hair care a breeze in crowded showers and bathrooms.

About Dispensers

A shampoo dispenser is a simple inverted bottle designed to hold shampoo and keep it where it is needed - in the shower. These streamlined containers have been used in hotels, cruise ships, and other places for years, but now they are easily available for anyone interested in a more organized hair care regimen.


Dispensers come in many shapes and styles, with an assortment of popular features including:

  • Translucent or transparent sleeves or portals for easy monitoring of product levels
  • Model sizes ranging from single to quadruple dispensers to add conditioner, body wash, lotion, or other related products
  • Attached washcloth bars or hooks to hang razors, shower poufs, and other accessories
  • Easy attachment to shower or bath surfaces with silicone adhesive, double sided tape, or screws -- depending on the specific model
  • Accessory cabinets, trays, or dishes built in to the dispenser
  • Built in waterproof clocks or radios to use in the shower
  • A variety of shapes, including rounded, square, or corner models to fit any size or shape of shower
  • A variety of finishes such as chrome, white, black, satin, or specialized colors to match popular bathroom décor

Benefits of Using Shampoo Dispensers

There are many advantages to using dispensers. Many people simply like their stylish sleekness and convenience, but other reasons include:

  • Space: Because dispensers adhere to the wall of the shower or bath, they do not take up valuable space on small bathroom shelves or storage units.
  • Safety: Dispensers are less likely to fall or be dropped than shampoo or conditioner bottles, making them a safer alternative than slippery bottles.
  • Portion Regulation: A dispenser regulates how much shampoo or conditioner is released with each press of the button, making it easier to use just the right amount of product while washing hair. Too much shampoo can clog pores or dry out hair, and small children can often handle a dispenser more easily than a full-size bottle.
  • Economy: By controlling portions, dispensers minimize waste and maximize the value of every bottle of shampoo. Furthermore, it is possible to buy shampoos in larger size bottles or bulk packages to refill a dispenser, creating substantial savings. Because dispensers release products from the bottom of the reservoir, no extra product is wasted because it's too difficult to remove from the bottle.
  • Organization: Having all necessary bath products - shampoo, conditioner, and body wash - in easy reach eliminates the hassle of a forgotten bottle or missing item when one is in the shower. Larger, more elaborate dispensers can also keep other bath products such as razors, poufs, bar soap, and more conveniently organized.

Where to Buy Dispensers

Shampoo dispensers can be found in a wide variety of locations. Large stores may have simple models available in their bathroom accessories or beauty supplies sections, while bathroom supply and home accessory stores are more likely to offer a wider range of dispenser styles. Online retailers also offer a wide range of styles, often at more affordable prices. Online stores featuring assorted dispensers include:

Dispenser prices range from less than $15 for a single, basic dispenser to more than $50 for a more elaborate, multi-reservoir model with additional features.

Buying Tips

Before choosing a dispenser based on appearance or price, consumers should carefully investigate the product to be sure it can meet their hair care needs. Questions to ask include:

  • Is the dispenser the right size? If you regularly use both shampoo and conditioner, a larger, multi-dispenser model may be best. Also compare the size of the reservoir to the bottle sizes of your favorite products to be sure it can hold all the product you need.
  • Will it fit in my shower? More elaborate models can be quite large, and you should investigate the product's measurements before a purchase to ensure it will fit easily into a cramped shower or bathroom.
  • Does it have all the features I need? While some users may need hooks, clocks, radios, cabinets, and other extravagant features, they aren't necessary for everyone. Choose the model that works best for you without overpaying for features you won't need.
  • How easy is the dispenser to use? The dispenser should be easy to fill, clean, and operate with the touch of a button.

Shampoo dispensers are a convenient option to eliminate crowded showers and the hassle of multiple hair product bottles. With a wide range of styles available to match any décor, a dispenser can be a valuable and useful addition to any bathroom.

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Shampoo Dispensers