Using Hair Color Sticks

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Covering up gray hairs

Your hair is your number one accessory, so what can you do when scattered gray hairs start showing up? Color sticks offer a temporary solution for keeping the gray at bay, and women and men can use them in the comfort of their own home. Just do a quick touch up, and you're ready for anything.

Cover Your Gray With Color Sticks

Hair color sticks are available at many local grocery stores and pharmacies. They come in different styles, including crayons, markers, and soft-tip brush applicators. All color sticks are reasonably easy to use, and you'll find them in a variety of shades from blonde to black.

Cover That Gray Touch-Up Color Stick

Cover That Gray is a twist up, crayon-style touch up stick that sells for around $6 and comes in shades from brown/blonde to black. It's easy to apply, and men will likely find it just as convenient to use as women do. This stick is useful for covering up roots quickly and extending time between salon visits. This product will cover the gray until for about one day and can be removed by shampooing.

The color stick can also be used for:

  • Covering gray along the hairline
  • Coloring temples and side burns
  • Hiding gray in mustaches and beards

To apply:

  1. Find the color that matches your own.
  2. Apply the stick directly to your hair, using gentle strokes until you achieve the desired amount of coverage.

TouchBack Touch-Up Marker

TouchBack uses a marker-like tip to distribute liquid color that dries almost instantly, and the color remains until you shampoo.

TouchBack is available in Pro and Quix versions.

  • TouchBack Pro delivers about 60 applications and comes in eight colors, including rich black, golden blonde, and dark auburn. It costs about $25.
  • TouchBack Quix delivers about 30 applications and comes in six colors, including dark brown, medium blonde, and auburn. It retails for around $15.

Use this marker to:

  • Cover gray roots
  • Hide gray at the temples and hairline

To apply:

  1. Select the color that matches your hair.
  2. Use the small comb that comes with the marker to pull up the hair you need to color.
  3. Dab the marker against the hair to get the color flowing, and draw it over the hair just like you're using a marker.

Color your gray Root Touch-Up Brush

Cover your gray uses a soft applicator to gently brush color into your hair. The color lasts a couple days, but it can be shampooed out at any time. This product sells for around $6. Choose from six shades, including medium brown, light brown/blonde, and jet black.

Use it to:

  • Cover up your roots in between colorings
  • Hide gray around the entire hairline

To apply:

  1. Choose color closest to your own color

  2. Use the soft-tip applicator to brush temporary color directly onto your hair.

Getting the Best Results

There's an art to using color sticks, and you may need to practice a bit before you get your technique down pat. Lightly apply whichever product you use under very good light so you can see what you're doing. If you still see some gray, apply a little more. This way you can avoid putting on too much all at once, which can result in unsightly clumps that flake off your hair, especially when you run a brush through it.

Keep the Gray Away

Hair color sticks come at a reasonable price, and they can even help you save money since you won't need a full dye job every time your roots start peeking through. Try experimenting with crayons, markers and brush applicators to see which one delivers the kind of coverage you desire and feels the easiest to use. Once you find a color stick in a shade you love, you'll never have to worry about your gray showing again.

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Using Hair Color Sticks