Permed Hair Pictures

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Stylish Permed Hair Pictures

The following permed hair pictures prove that curls never lose their appeal. Romantic, playful, easygoing and eclectic all come to mind when you think of anyone who wears perms. While plenty of people are blessed with curly locks, others have to achieve the texture by way of a chemical permanent. Perms are a three step process: wrapping the curls and then applying the perm solution followed by a neutralizer. Once all the steps are complete, the hair stays in form for a minimum of eight weeks before it begins to relax, though the perm itself lasts until the hair grows out.  

Advanced hair texturizing techniques make perms much easier on the hair and the stylist. Today, perms take about 2 hours from start to finish. Take a look at the following permed hair pictures for more information about the lovely world of curls.

Go for Natural Curls

This natural perm is a great way to wear curls without looking dated. Soft waves are more natural and make for a flattering texture.

Fake a Body Wave

Don't be fooled by these wavy locks. Chances are good this is a body wave rather than natural wave. Remember, you can achieve any type or size of curls.

Add Playful Spirals

A spiral perm is kinky and filled with charm. Consider this flirty shape if you want something that looks great worn down or in updo styles.

Wear a Modern Style

Perms don't have to be old fashioned. Adding texture to the bottom half of this style with a basic perm creates a modern and edgy shape.

Get Creative with Shapes

You can create a variety of curls by changing the shape, placement and size of the roller. Have your stylist experiment.

Love Your Curls

Once you have your curls, take care of them. Be sure to condition your hair reguarly and avoid heat styling as much as possible. Focus on washing and wearing for the best condition and shine. To explore more about perms, be sure to check out our Different Types of Perm Pictures slideshow.

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Permed Hair Pictures