11 Gorgeous Women Rocking Gray Hair

Young and Gray


You can rock gray hair at any age and with any hair length, whether it's natural or colored in a salon. There's no need to wait for your hair to naturally change color over time. Gray can be the perfect shade to frame your face, soften your features, and help inspire experimentation with makeup and even the addition of streaks of other hair colors (pastel pink accents around your face and through the ends of your hair, anyone?).

Natural Gray


Light gray hair looks natural and beautiful on seniors, too, and isn't difficult to maintain. To keep it looking bright, try using a blue shampoo once or twice a month. If your gray hair is beginning to look yellow naturally, use a violet shampoo to counteract it. Use a moisturizing shampoo when you're not using the blue or purple ones.

Chic Short Cuts


Long gone is the "rule" that women have to keep their hair cut short once they hit a certain age. That said, a cropped cut like this one can look incredibly chic. It's low-maintenance, too.

Gray Bob


Clean ends help keep gray hair looking its best, so regular trims are important no matter which hair length you prefer. This bob is timeless and checks all the boxes for stylish, gorgeous gray hair-clean lines, no fancy razor cutting techniques (these don't always match up well with gray hair's natural texture), soft color, and a face-framing shape.

Playful Curls


Gray hair looks cute and playful when it's done in a short, curly. It's youthful and easy to manage so you can spend more time on adventures with your kids or grandkids and less time doing your hair.

Long Gray Waves


Long, thick silver-gray hair has become a popular trend among teens and women in their 20s. This delicate shade, especially on hair this long, will require a professional's expertise. The juxtaposition of the gray shades most often associated with older women, set against such a young face, is sometimes delightfully shocking. It demonstrates just how universally flattering gray hair can be.

Professional and Sophisticated


A well-kept short, vibrant gray cut is right at home in the workplace and looks great against the traditional darker colors and classic cuts of many business wardrobes. Shades of gray blended with streaks of white give an especially sophisticated look.

Visual Interest


Some women cringe and reach for the box of dye, or grab the phone so they can call the salon, at the first signs of graying hair - but gray hair is both trendy and beautiful. Those silvery strands add visual interest to your mane, no matter what natural color you're starting from. Instead of reflexively coloring over it (it's totally fine if you decide to in the end), stop a moment, look at the gray objectively, then decide what you think.

Beautiful Senior Woman


Medium length gray hair with bangs takes on a soft, casual, romantic feel when it's pulled into an updo. Don't be afraid to maintain a little length when your hair turns gray so you can enjoy the versatility of elegant styles like this one.

Polished and Lightly Layered


A few layers are all you need to give a gray bob some visual interest while maintaining a professional vibe. It's versatile, too, and can be worn up, down, straight, or curled.

Laidback Gray Vibes


Ladies of any age can wear their gray hair long. If thick bangs are an option for you and your features, this is a wonderful way to put the spotlight on your eyes without sacrificing length to frame your face. The long, mostly one-length hair has a carefree, youthful feel, and styling options are endless.

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11 Gorgeous Women Rocking Gray Hair