1970s Hairstyle Gallery

Get groovy with a glamorous seventies look.

Every decade has its own style when it comes to hair, and this 1970s hairstyle gallery highlights the unique and outrageous looks popular during this unique and outrageous decade.

About 1970s Hair Styles

During the 1970s, personal expression was the key to a great hair style. Groovy looks explored personal values and individuality rather than society's expectations, and both men and women embraced more natural styles with longer locks less tamed by hair products or overzealous scissors. Funky looks were also popular, particularly for trendy, younger individuals, and offered another way to express one's personality. Even more conservative shag hair styles or flirty bobs had room for personal expression in the 1970s.

Updating '70s Looks

Many 1970s hairstyles are in vogue today because they are classically appealing, particularly for anyone interested in a stylish natural look they can care for and maintain easily. Adding a modern twist such as hair highlights, a bit of color, or a touch of sedu straightening to a seventies look can freshen and update the retro style. Hair accessories can also be used to update the style and add contemporary flair, or the style can be closely replicated for a seventies theme party or retro event.

1970s Hairstyle Gallery

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man with long hippy hair
Naturally Long Hair
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1970s Hairstyle Gallery