2007 Spring Hair Styles

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2007 Spring Hair Styles

2007 spring hair styles are appearing in a range of looks. Natural, healthy hair continues to reign, but a number of spicier looks are also showing up as trends.


Futurism, and its subset, romantic futurism, make waves with a mix of styles for 2007. Structured short styles will be popular. Angled lines in hair cuts looks also reflect this modernistic vision. Sleek, pulled back hair with multiple parts or obvious side parts replaces the standard ponytail.

Romantic futurism combines elegance with edginess. Curls, feminine tendrils, and girly hairpieces are used in conjunction with sharp, shaped updos and half-dos. Sleek layers, short flips, long layered cuts -- any look that combines strong style with a touch of softness reflects the romantic futurist trend.

Short Hair Styles

Short hair styles for women are forecasted to be strong this spring. Fun, flirty, and perfect for warmer weather, look for:


Indie Rock Hair Styles

Short hair styles are also back on the scene with the growing trend toward Indie rock hair. Stemming from the sub-culture of independent rock music, Indie hair cuts are typically short for women and range from short to mid-length for men. Messy mid-length spikes, shoulder-length flips, and waves are all popular looks for women. For men's hair cuts, styles include:

  • Short styles with straight cut bangs
  • Wavy, shaggy hair
  • Mid-length curly and wavy cuts
  • Brow-length bangs in front, longer mussed hair in back


Vintage and retro waves continue to be popular 2007 spring hair styles. For women, look for medium and long flowing styles and choppy curls and waves. Rather than tightly curled or permed looks, the current trend for waves is casual and carefree.

2007 Celebrity Styles


Nothing says inspirations like the hair styles of the stars this spring.

  • Short, full waves: Sported by Jessica Alba and Elizabeth Banks.
  • Long, piecy bangs: Worn by Reese Witherspoon.
  • Long, flowing waves or curls: Seen on countless female celebrities, including Hayden Panettiere, Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Duff, and Lindsay Lohan.
  • Long layers: Appearing on many stars, recently Katie Holmes and Heidi Klum.
  • Medium length Sedu style: Looks sleek and classy on Charlize Theron.
  • Low formal ponytails: This casual-chic style has been popularized by a number of stars, recently spotted on Jessica Simpson.

Classic Styles

You don't have to be a trend-setter in to have great hair this season. Many classic styles have endured and will still be popular in 2007.

For Women

For women, warmer weather often means putting your hair up. Pony tails and updos are classic looks -- with a few modifications, you can keep these classic styles looking fresh this spring.

Ponytails: For a chic look that can go anywhere from the office to the beach, try a slicked-back ponytail with a side part. Go for a mid-level tail and secure the more expansive side of the part with a barrette for an added touch. The looped ponytail is also an easy way to freshen up this casual look - pull the hair mostly of the way through the elastic, but keep the end tucked in. If you have short hair, you can still pull of a sassy style by having a mini ponytail.


Updos: Traditionally more formal than the ponytail, recent decades have casualized this style with messy looks and half-dos. A low messy bun/twist look with tendrils can work for virtually any occasion. A more formal look that always looks great is a high twist -- this looks especially fresh with layered cuts. Part the hair curl or volumize the top shorter layers for drama. A classic chignon is reformed with loose ends, casual, yet chic.

For Men

A classic cut for men is short on the sides and back, and longer on the top. Keep this cut looking new this spring by re-styling the longer portion. Use paste or soft wax to texturize the hair. Form soft spikes or gel slightly and muss for a casual, sexy look. Or finger style towards the face for a piecy look that will work nearly anywhere.

Even as seasons change, so do popular hair styles, but it can be easy to keep up with the trends and keep your look as fresh as new flowers and sunshine.

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2007 Spring Hair Styles