5 Quick Fixes for Bad Hair Days

Bad hair day

We all have them - those terrible, HORRIBLE, bad hair days where our dishevelled locks practically laugh back in our face from the mirror. Mortified, we consider desperate measures: would hibernation or a wig be a step too far? Fear not friends, rather than sobbing into your coffee over your hair woes, check out these five super easy tips straight from celebrity hair and makeup artist Aferdita Qafa on how to make a bad hair day... good!

1. Win the War on Hair Static

In a bid to keep our heads from freezing and falling off our shoulders in winter months, our hair has to contend with the cold, dry season's number one enemy and hair disaster: hat-induced winter static. Nobody wants her hair to look like she's just been plugged into the nearest electrical outlet. To win the war on hair static Qafa recommends "adding a bit of hair oil to the ends or using a fine mist of Evian spray to add moisture" to kiss winter static goodbye!

2. Out With The Oily

apply baby powder to hair

You know that feeling when you wake up only to wonder how your hair could have got so greasy overnight? Yes, that. There's no time to wash your despicable locks which you could fry an egg on, and you're all out of dry shampoo. WHAT TO DO? Never fear, Qafa is here. "Sprinkle a bit of baby powder onto the roots along with a quick tousle using your fingertips." Just be sure to brush out any excess, and nobody will ever know!

3. Headband Hero

Updo with headband

Hair looking about as elegant as an enchilada? Don't sweat it! All you need is a headband and some bobby pins to fix your mockery of a mop. So what's the secret? Qafa advises, "Back comb your hair for some volume, twist the back into a French twist style with a few pins, then place a simple headband in the front." From ghetto to glamour in an instant!

4. Gray Hair Day Disguise

Powder and brush

How can it be that your roots have gone fifty shades of gray overnight? No time for a touch up? No problem! Qafa has a sneaky trick which banishes gray roots - at least temporarily. She explains how: "Use a matte, neutral eyeshadow palette finding a color closest to that of your hair and brushing it onto the roots. Et voila! Watch those gray roots magically disappear." At least until you manage to get down to the salon that is.

5. The Ultimate Office Hair Saver

making hair chignon

Just showed up at the office and realise you have the worst bed head ever and an important client meeting lined up? To save yourself from looking like the office idiot or throwing a computer out of the window in hair frustration, try grabbing some paperclips and working this solution instead. "Brush your back into a ponytail, wrap into a low chignon style and secure using paperclips! Just open one end of the paperclip and slide it into the chignon with the flat side against the scalp."

Time to kiss goodbye to bad hair days! Sorry, we won't miss you.

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