60s Prom Hair Styles

1960s prom hairstyle with headband
Try a vintage look.

60s prom hair styles offer a retro hair look that can complement the right dress well. Hair styles in the 60s were changing just as much as everything else in the world was at that time. The popularity of beehives and big hair looks that were prevalent early in the decade waned in favor of long straight hair styles, ponytails, and braids.

Teens wanting to know about 60s hair styles might look through old yearbooks and photo albums to get a glimpse of how people their hair in the 60s. If you are going to prom and are thinking about buying a retro or vintage dress, then a 60s style might be just right.

Popular 60s Prom Hair Styles

Hair styles were becoming more diverse in the 60s, with trendsetting celebrities like Twiggy, Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, and even The Beatles giving young woman inspiration for hair styles. Hair in the early 60s was shorter than later in the decade, when the hippie style became popular, and along with it, longer hair.

Some popular hairstyles in the 60s that a teen might have worn to her senior prom include:

  • The Bouffant Style (Also known as the "Jackie Kennedy"): First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy popularized the big hairstyle. To get a bouffant hair style, a woman of the 60s had to either go to the hairdresser to get her hair piled high on top of her head and flipped out at the sides, or learn how to re-create this style at home, which could be time consuming.
  • The Beehive: The Beehive look is similar to the popular bouffant style, though it is even more extravagant and much larger. Some beehives took up to a whole can of hair spray to keep the hair in place.
  • The French Twist: A French twist hair style is made by twisting the hair into a loose ponytail and pinning it into place with a pretty comb or hair pins.
  • The Beatles Mop-Top: A style that can be worn by a girl or a guy, The Beatles hair style was considered very rebellious in the 60s for young men, since it was defined by its long shaggy hair.
  • The Pageboy: Made popular by supermodel and actress Twiggy, the pageboy haircut is a short, shaggy cut with bangs. It is also sometimes called a bob haircut. The pageboy was easy to maintain, making it popular in the 60s.

Hair Styles for Guys

Women's hair styles weren't the only styles that changed in the 60s. Men began wearing their hair longer and more unkempt. Bands like The Beatles heavily influenced both men's and women's hair styles. Many young teenage guys chose to wear their hair in the popular Beatles style, known as the Arthur or the mop-top. Bowl style hair cuts were also popular, though the popular crew cut of earlier decades lost its appeal. In the late 60s and early 70s, long hippie hair was very popular, due to the new hippie culture that was rapidly forming.

60s hair styles were a huge part of the changed that occurred during the decade. If you want to have a retro look at your prom, or your prom has a retro or sock-hop theme, then 60s prom hair styles are a good option.

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60s Prom Hair Styles