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Find the best prom look for your hair type.

From funky braids to sleek updos, there are many different African American hairstyles for prom to choose from.

Advance Prep for African American Hairstyling for Prom

Finding the perfect style for prom can be difficult, and it's best to consider your options early.

Major Changes

If you are considering a relaxing treatment, braids, permanent hair extensions, hair color, or other major changes, booking these services in advance will ensure you have time to get used to the changes, evaluate your style options, and decide on the specific look for the big evening. If anything doesn't turn out exactly how you planned, you also have time for corrective services or to come up with an alternate look.

Black Hair Care Considerations

Another consideration essential for African American hairstyling is proper hair care and moisturization. While good hair care is important for every hair type, African American hair tends to be dry, and coarse hair types can benefit from good conditioning and moisturizing products in the weeks before the dance. For those who haven't adhered to a consistent hair care regimen that includes good conditioning, it's the perfect time to start. Natural products typically make the best moisturizers for black hair, so consider natural hair products. Drink plenty of water, eat a diet for healthy hair, and consider sleeping on silk pillow cases or with a silk or rayon scarf around the hair to maintain moisture and minimize damage.

Get Style Ideas

Remember your hairstyle for prom should coordinate with your dress and your overall look. If you have a funky, bold prom dress, a spiky flip might be the look you go for; alternately, if your dress is sweet and romantic, a braided or classic updo might be your style of choice.

Get style ideas from the latest celebrity styles and black hair magazines such as: Sophisticate's Black Hairstyles, Hype Hair, and Black Beauty and Hair. Another way to find ideas is to visit hair forums like Black Hair Media.

Ideas for African American Hairstyles for Prom

There are a number of different looks that are popular for black hair for prom, from classic styles to edgier looks.

Funky Pixie Flip

The pixie cut is a popular style, and if you sport this flirty look you can create something fun and new for prom night. This style can be achieved by using a ceramic styling iron on small sections of hair pulled at an angle up and outward, creating flips. Alternate the direction of the flips for fullness and a unique look, and use a texturizing product to finish the look.

Comb Coils


Comb coils have the advantage of being a natural, elegant style. This is a style that works best on short to medium hair and is achieved through by using a rattail comb through small sections of hair and turning slowing to achieve the coil. Hair gel or another styling product needs to be used on the hair (choose natural gels or those that don't contain alcohol), and the style can last from several days to several weeks depending on the length of hair and tightness of the coils.

Long Waves with Weaves

Long waves are a popular, romantic look for prom, but you can still achieve this look even if your hair isn't naturally long. Weaves can be utilized to achieve the desired length, and the waves created by medium sized hot rollers. After taking the rollers out, fingers can create piecy sections of hair that make gorgeous waves.

Black Hair Updos

Many different black updo styles work well for African American hairstyles for prom. A half up half down style is elegant and pretty for medium length or long hair. Low buns and classic crown updos also work well. Partial cornrows braid styles with finished updos are a popular, polished look for prom. Many other braided styles can also be easily adapted to updos or piled stylishly on the top of the head or the crown for a unique look.

An easy style for natural black hair is a faux or reverse updo - to achieve this look, the under layer of hair can be or pinned secured with small clips underneath the top hair, creating a lifted crown of curls. Several cute hair accessories placed on the sides of the hair to add dimension and sparkle to the style.

Celebrity Inspired Prom Styles


Take a style cue from your favorite celebrity for prom. Remember, however, that celebrities have a whole team of hair stylists and other beauty professionals at their beck and call, so not every look can be achieved easily. Many African American celebrity styles also need weaves or other extensions in order to pull off because of the length or volume. Popular celebrity styles include:

  • Rhianna's chic short styles
  • Tyra Banks' long waves
  • Beyonce's rich golden hair color and sleek updos

More Prom Hair Ideas for Black Hair

  • A low ponytail works for braids or natural hair for a simple and sophisticated look.
  • Clip in ponytail pieces are another easy style idea. These can be used to achieve a high elegant ponytail.
  • For short to medium curls, create a sleek look by defining curls with a mixture of leave in conditioner and medium to strong hold non alcohol gel.
  • For any hair length, start the style with a deep side part for added sophistication.
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