How to Use Artec Mousse Gel

Artec Gel Mousse
Artec products offer firm hold.

Artec Mousse Gel, or Artec Aeromousse, is a formula that is designed to define hair that is curly or hair that is loosely waved while giving it body and shine. If you have ever mixed your gel with your mousse then you know the benefits of having this product.

Artec Mousse Gel for Big Hair

Artec Aeromousse combines mousse, a product that gives you fuller hair, with hair gel, a product that gives you greater hold. The formula is in a spray can, making it easier to distribute throughout the hair. To use the product on wet hair, and define and give body to curls, spray a generous amount directly where you need it into your damp curls, being careful not to comb your curls too much with your fingers. In order to keep your curl pattern and prevent frizzing, you should style with your fingers. Do not use a comb or a brush in your hair, but you may choose to use a pick to lift specific areas for additional height.

Artec Gel Mousse is also used to give straight or wavy hair volume. Spray the mousse on dry hair at the roots, gently lifting the hair up as you spray. You can also try spraying your hair with the product while it is set on curlers. Let the product dry, and then style it, for bouncy, shiny curls that last. Pick the hair out and the mousse will hold your hair in place, giving it more lift and body. The gel mousse is perfect for date-night hair or for creating a wild style for a night out clubbing with your friends.

Why Use Aeromousse


Use this gel mousse if you have fine, limp hair but you would like to have the appearance of thicker, fuller hair with more body. One of the best things about using Aeromousse is that you can save on buying products because you have two products in one. You don't have to worry about a mess associated with mixing gel and mousse on your own. The gel provides a firm hold, and the mousse is also formulated to give your hair shine and body, so there is no need to add a finishing hair spray for a hair gloss. Because the product sprays directly onto your hair, you won't have to worry about having a thick glob of product over your hands when you get ready to go out.

How to Remove Aeromousse

To completely remove Aeromousse, shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo, rinse, and repeat the process. Aeromousse is made to make your hairstyle last all day and through the night, so washing with a clarifying shampoo is suggested to make sure that you remove all the residue from the product. Buildup from different hair products can lead to clogged pores, dull hair, and even hair loss.

Where to Find Aeromousse

Aeromousse is sold in 10-ounce spray cans. Although it is sold in retail stores where beauty supplies are sold, your best bet may be to buy it online, where it is easier to locate and available for less than $20. The Aeromousse product is only one of the Artec haircare products. The line has other styling aids that are formulated to give hair a firm hold without frizz.

Artec Mousse Gel is said to be a solution for anyone who has limp, thinning hair and would like to give it more lift without having stiff hair. Using gel mousse will allow you to have pliable control of your hair while having the benefit of hold and shine. Use this product daily or anytime you want your style to last or to transform a bad hair day instantly!

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How to Use Artec Mousse Gel