As Seen on TV Hair Removers

Can you get results from TV products?

If you have unwanted facial or body hair, you may be curious about several as seen on TV hair removers which may promise quick, painless, and even permanent results. While some gadgets may do the trick of temporarily ridding facial and leg hair, others can prove themselves useless.

Popular As Seen on TV Hair Removers

Television is a popular outlet for advertisements. Not only does television have the ability to reach the largest amount of potential consumers, convenience and ease of purchase lures many buyers to the television for various health and beauty items. Whether you are home bound for medical reasons or just find yourself a victim of boredom, advertisers target late night viewers with fictitious claims and outlandish promises. While some as seen on television products are good to their word, many products are nothing but junk offered at a low cost with unbelievably high shipping rates, ensuring the company a sizable profit.

While hair trimmers and electric shavers can be purchased at nearly every grocery or big box retail store, the latest and greatest gadgets and inventions rarely hit retail establishments unless their claims are reviewed and have proven themselves worthy, which is part of the reason fly by night inventors turn to television to market their as yet untested goods.

The following hair removing gadgets are marketed on television to the average consumer who is concerned about unsightly facial, leg, and armpit hair.

Lily Hair Removal

The Lily Hair Removal system is a cute, travel friendly, portable hair removing product. Using advanced dry safe radio signals, hair is removed from the skin using small tweezers without pinching or pain. The Lily system requires a standard electrical outlet for operation, unlike a traditional razor. After a 20 to 30 second warm up period, the Lily is then ready to go to work. The Lily system claims that hair is killed at the root, preventing regrowth. This claim alone makes the Lily system questionable. Retailing for $19.99, a bag of disposable razors may have a better chance of success.


The Wizzit is a popular, television advertised tweezer alternative. The Wizzit claims to remove hairs 50 times faster than a traditional tweezer, attracting hair like a magnet to the device. This plastic tool operates at the touch of a button and includes a free carrying pouch for a retail price of $19.95 with a standard $7.95 shipping charge if shipped within the United States.

Home Shopping Gadgets

In addition to the few popular as seen on TV hair removers, the two most popular televised shopping channels, HSN and QVC, also offer a variety of hair removal products, including razors and tweezers, available for Internet or telephone purchase. Both of these reputable television shopping channels offer 30 day guarantees and offer written consumer reviews, ensuring your satisfaction while easing your questionable purchasing doubts. While their claims may not be as exciting, both of these companies tend to offer quality goods that are of reasonable cost.

See a Dermatologist

Unfortunately, the best advice for any consumer is to avoid any far-fetched claims. If something appears too good to be true, chances are it is.

If you struggle with unsightly body hair and seek a more permanent solution, it may be worthwhile to seek the professional advice of a dermatologist who specializes in permanent or semi-permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal and electrolysis may be costly alternatives to disposable razors and electronic gadgets, but for those who want to rid themselves of hair, these procedures are guaranteed to deliver permanent and lasting results.

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As Seen on TV Hair Removers