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Waves add volume and movement.

Every type of ethnic hair has its own set of challenges, and an Asian hair style is no different. Blessed with dark, straight locks filled with shine, an Asian style often lacks body and texture. If you're looking for ways to style your Asian hair type, this guide will help you achieve the looks you want while working with your natural texture.

Asian Hair Style: Adding Texture

Although Asian hair has many benefits, styling this hair type can be challenging. Typically Asian hair cannot usually support voluminous styles without falling flat in just a matter of minutes. To pump up the volume on this hair type, consider seeking out chemical texturizing methods that will add the right amount of body.

There are several ways to add texture to the hair. The first and most common method is to find a talented stylist who will layer the hair, which will add more movement, volume, and a little lift. Although layered hair styles break up the hair and evenly distribute the weight of the style, lift will still be a challenge.

Another option for a layered straight style is to add a body wave or a permanent for locks that will add lift and body. A permanent or a body wave is often the perfect solution for adding body and texture to the hair. Most perms today are softer and appear more natural than ever before. To determine how much curl you should aim for, consider your needs first. Do you want to wear your hair wavy, or do you just want to use the curl to add body to your straight hair?

Although once a thing of the past, a root perm may also be a temporary solution to adding some lift without the commitment of unwanted curl. This texturizing service is achieved by perming only the first three to six inches of hair closest to the scalp. Perms and waves are great options for Asian hair, and are often overlooked.

Color and Shine

Although nothing can compare to the shine of natural Asian hair types, adding a little hair color or lightening your locks will add some desired texture and can create a hair style that is uniquely yours.

Unless you want orange hair, consult a professional for lightening services. While lightening hair, the base color is removed, exposing the underlying tones. Dark Asian hair is likely to get stuck in the orange or red tones without proper lifting techniques. Adding hair highlights will give your hair more movement, depth, and texture. Consider chunking hair color techniques and artistic placement of highlights if you'd like a bold look, or opt for fine, small highlighted sections to enhance your hair's natural color.

Tip: Many people are familiar with Henna or vegetable based plant dyes. Be advised that they can build up on the hair and interfere with other chemical services in the future. Be sure to inform your stylist if you've experimented with these products.

Creative Cuts

If your straight hair lacks excitement, it may be time to experiment with a razor cut. Razor cutting the hair increases the movement and body of the style. Asian hair is very coarse and super straight, so razor cutting will soften the edges, create various textures, and lighten your hair load. All different lengths of hair, from short to long, can benefit from razor cutting.

Adding a push aside bang to your style will keep some movement near the face and will frame your hair style nicely. If your goal is to wash and go, stick with a medium length shag style with lots of layers and razored edges. Don't fuss with everyday styling tools such as blow dryers or curling irons -- instead keep styling simple, and finger style locks for an interesting and modern shag.

Find Inspiration

Asian hair can be trendy and bold or simple and elegant. Many cultured gals add funky hair color or chunky paneled cuts to their styles to add visual interest, while others opt for conservative and natural styles. It's always best to find a style that can be achieved with little effort for daily styling considerations. The following websites will help you find trendy inspirations and fresh ideas to create a new look that works best for your hair type.

It can be a challenge to find the right Asian hair style for your hair type and maintenance preferences, but there are many options to choose from that can turn any bland look into a glamorous do.

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Asian Hair Style