Audrey Hepburn Hair

Audrey Hepburn Hair

When you think of Audrey Hepburn hair, two distinct, iconic styles come immediately to mind. One is the massive, "pineapple" updo style she sported to such memorable effect at the beginning of the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. The other hairstyle is her charming, classic pixie cut that was one of the definitive 1950s hairstyles.

Getting Audrey Hepburn Hair: The Updo

A lot of women sigh over the fabulous updo and know they have the perfect little black dress, pearls, and big sunglasses to pull it off but assume it's too difficult to style themselves or would take an ozone-destroying amount of hair spray to keep in place. Well, good news ladies - neither of these are the case. In fact, you don't necessarily have to have long hair to create this style, although it does help. What you will need a lot of are bobby pins, styling gel, and patience until you get the hang of it.

Remember that the style is, at its most basic, essentially just a ponytail that has been fluffed very full with the ends curled under and pinned. That should take some of the intimidation out of it!

Start by pulling your hair back into the smoothest, most controlled ponytail you can achieve. The ponytail should sit quite high on your head, especially if your hair is long. Once you have the perfect pony, fan it out as full as you can. If your hair is on the finer side, you will have to backcomb the pony and then smooth it over the top. Pin the ends under and use a light finishing product to hold.

For shorter or layered hair, make a second ponytail about two inches below the top tail. This will give you more length to work with at the back. Take part of the hair in the top pony and pin it in front of the hair band and then blend with the whole pony. If you have a tiara like Audrey wore or an ornamental barrette, fasten it over the band.

To really be Audrey, you have to have a hair style with bangs. Her bangs were separate, uneven, and texturized. Sweep them lightly to the side and use a finishing product to keep them in place.

Another Method

For a slightly different finished updo look, start with wet hair and apply texturizing cream. Blow dry. Backcomb lightly at the roots for volume and control. Pull the hair on the right side of your head back and pin it at the middle of your scalp. Then pull the hair on the left side back to meet the right at the middle. You should have two sections of hair hanging at the back. Twist these together towards the top of your head, covering the pins. Use more pins to secure the twist at the back (tuck them in so they won't be seen). Tuck the ends into the main bun and hold with more pins. Now style your bangs and finish with a spritz of hair spray. Behold: you have Audrey Hepburn hair!

The Pixie Cut

The Pixie Cut

Although Audrey Hepburn was not very short, she was small-boned and thus very petite. With her perfect eyebrows, incredible cheekbones and big, beautiful brown eyes, the short bangs and tiny bob she sported throughout the 1950s gave her a look that was at once youthful and sophisticated, flirtatious and glamorous.

Women wanting this hair style should discuss the look with a hairdresser they trust before proceeding. Short bangs change the shape of the face and can make you look too childish. If you have a round, small face, you can pull the look off nicely.

If you want the pixie bangs without the short hair overall, try experimenting with twisting your hair into a tight chignon at the nape of the neck. Do finger waves at the side of your head for fullness. Consult a stylist to achieve this look without looking like an old-fashioned schoolteacher. While everyone knows what Audrey Hepburn styles are, you should still bring in a few pictures to be sure you get the look you want.

Audrey Hepburn hair styles are glamorous and timeless, and with a bit of practice you can easily achieve celebrity hair today.

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Audrey Hepburn Hair