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Back to School Hair Styles

Science classes require safe hair styles.

Finding the best back to school hair styles is more of a challenge than just picking a cut that looks great. The right back to school style will be appropriate for all a student's daily activities, from recess and gym class to after school sports, science classes, work, and more.

Considerations for Back to School Hair Styles

What type of hair cut to get when heading back to school really depends on what school a student is heading back to each fall. The grade level and specific curriculum a student is involved in can drastically affect what might be an appropriate, well-groomed look.

Elementary School

Elementary school students have very active days that often include outdoor activities, recess, and energetic games inside and outside the classroom. Therefore, an elementary student needs a hair style that won't restrict their participation in activities but will still stay put all day. There are many types of haircuts for boys that are perfect for younger students, and both ponytails and pigtails are excellent options for girls. Girls who don't want their hair put up may prefer head bands or other simple accessories that are easy for small hands to manage.

Junior High

Junior high students are just starting to discover their personal style in terms of fashion, hair styles, and behavior, and it can be difficult to find just the right school styles for these tweens. The fun, carefree styles that were perfect in elementary school are too young for junior high, but the more elaborate, intensive looks of high school are just a shade too difficult. Great back to school looks for junior high students may include layers for texture and volume without too much bulk, and most medium hair styles are both trendy and easy for middle school students to manage. Girls may appreciate more elaborate hair accessories such as claws and decorative hair pins, but most boys will only want a style that is quick and easy to do without bothering with it throughout the day.

High School

Athletes need easy styles.

High school students tend to exhibit the widest range of hair styles based on what they will be doing each day. Students with gym classes or after school sports will need styles that are quick and easy to manage or that can easily be converted into no-nonsense looks for athletic participation. Many high school students are also interested in fast hair styles that may let them sleep in a bit longer each day, especially if they work after school jobs that may keep them up late. Students involved in lab science classes such as chemistry, physics, or biology will need hair styles that can be safely worn around chemicals, flames, and other laboratory equipment.At the same time, many high school students are pushing the boundaries of new hair styles to find ways to express themselves and their beliefs. Many parents may find these hair styles alarming or questionable, but there is no harm in letting students try new looks to find just what suits them. Popular hair styles for high school students include:


College students not only want to be trendy when creating their back to school look, but they also want to be sophisticated and taken seriously. Particularly if a student has an internship or may be applying for professional jobs, a well-groomed hair cut is essential. Gone are the days of radical teen styles, and many college students opt for versatile yet easy looks that can be professional and stylish without requiring hours of time that may be better spent working or studying. Sedu hair styles, French twists, and medium length hair styles are all popular options.

Other School Events to Consider

Elementary styles should be recess-friendly.

When choosing back to school hair styles, more than just classes, recess, and fashion need to be considered. Before choosing your best class coif, consider:

  • School Pictures: Most schools take pictures in the fall term, and the style should still be great when picture day comes around.
  • Commuting: If getting to school means a long walk or waiting at an outdoor bus stop, climate needs to be taken into account when choosing hair styles.
  • Teachers: Professors and teachers are impressed by neat, clean, well-groomed hair styles.
  • Dress Codes: Some schools enforce hair style guidelines with regards to hair color and unnatural styles, so be sure to check the dress code before opting for a punk hair style or other outrageous look.
  • Cost: Impressing your friends and being stylish may be great, but can your budget or allowance support an elaborate, expensive cut for the entire school year?

There are many different options for great back to school hair styles, and by considering classes, activities, pictures, and other factors where great style is essential, it is possible to find just the right look for a great school year..

Back to School Hair Styles