Beard Growing Tips

Beards can be trendy and stylish.

Just because most men can be successful at growing a beard does not mean that a stylish, attractive beard is simple to grow, but the right beard growing tips can help make the process easier.

Why Grow a Beard?

Choosing to grow a beard is a personal decision men make for a variety of reasons. A beard can have many practical uses, such as keeping the face warm in colder climates, hiding skin irregularities, or helping to balance the face shape. Furthermore, a carefully groomed beard can be very stylish and dashing, and some individuals consider it a sign of virility and masculinity. Whatever the reason for wanting a beard, however, a man must follow careful tips to be sure his facial hair grows well and is maintained for the best look.

Easy Beard Growing Tips

Facial hair is the fastest growing type of hair on a man's body, making growing a beard relatively easy if some simple tips are observed.

Beginning Growth

Not all men can grow a beard, and it is essential to properly begin the process to see whether or not you will be successful at cultivating the facial hair you desire.

  • Observe one or two days' worth of stubble for bare patches, hair thickness, and the direction of hair growth to determine whether or not you can grow the type of beard you envision. If you cannot, consider a different beard style for your best look.
  • Start growing your beard while on a vacation so you do not feel as self-conscious about the early stubble stages. In one or two weeks, the stubble will be thick enough that colleagues and coworkers will not automatically be questioning why you didn't shave.
  • Starting a beard may be more comfortable in the cooler fall or winter months because your face will sweat less under the new hair, giving you time to get used to the feel of a new beard.
  • For the first few days of growth, the new beard will be very itchy. Try to avoid constant scratching that can irritate the skin and cause ingrown hairs or other infections that can ultimately inhibit beard growth.
  • Eat a healthy diet to help your facial hair grow strong and thick.
  • Do not shave at all for the first three to four weeks of beard growth. Not all facial hair grows at the same time and over a few weeks the beard will gradually get thicker, allowing you to more easily shape it without removing too much hair from the style you hope to have.

Shaping Your Style

From soul patches and goatees to full facial beards, there are many styles you can choose from. These beard growing tips can help you select the best style for your specific facial hair pattern.

  • Examine different beard styles and photographs to determine the type of style you'd like to emulate.
  • Have a professional barber shape your beard for the first time - it is easier for someone else to do and they will have experience with different beard styles and how to adjust them for your specific face shape and hair growth.
  • Keep the edges of your beard neatly trimmed and styled for a clean, sharp look.
  • If you are interested in different styles, try the ones that use the most facial hair first and wear them for a few days before deciding to trim away more hair.

Beard Maintenance


Once fully grown, a beard needs careful maintenance to look its best every day.

  • Invest in a quality beard trimmer with different length settings to keep your beard properly shaped and trimmed.
  • Always use clean, sharp razors or trimmer blades to avoid pulling hairs or spreading bacteria that can cause painful infections or even hair loss.
  • Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to clean your beard - regular soap may dry the hair and skin out too much. Specialized beard cleansers are also available.
  • Be sure to keep the beard clean and free from food crumbs between washings.
  • Shape your beard regularly and trim the edges neatly for a crisp, fresh look. Regular trims at the barber shop can also help keep the style properly shaped.

It takes time and commitment to grow a beard, but with the right beard growing tips most men can easily experiment with a new look for their facial hair. Many men will try to grow a beard at least once in their lifetime, and even if the style doesn't work out, it is much easier to remove than to grow out again.

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