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The bed head hair style emerged in the late 1990s and its popularity grew rapidly amongst urban hipsters and people cursed with chronically defiant hair. This style is characterized by the look of having "just rolled out of bed." It is generally a short hair styles which parallels the shag and consists of cowlicks and misplaced sections of hair.

But don't be fooled. These misplaced sections are actually very carefully placed and, moreover, they are usually the work of a very clever stylist. The bed head look is one of impractical practicality, meaning: for some it may take a very long time to look like you spent no time on your hair. In a society where it remains commonly acceptable to spend hundreds of dollars on distressed and tattered jeans, this hair style blends harmoniously into the scene of understated trends.

Achieving the Bed Head Hair Style

A salon specialist can easily craft the bed head hair style on almost anyone. Thicker coarser hair types are ideal for this shabby look and some claim that the style works better when the hair is cut with a razor as opposed to shears. People who desire a "no fuss" hair regimen will rejoice in the low-maintenance manageability of the cut. Moreover, the pixie-like feel of unruly hair provides wearers with a new wild and flirty image.

The creation of the bed head hair style occurs in three stages: cutting, drying, and styling.


The bed head hair style is simple to maintain, but the cutting of the hair should only be attempted by a salon professional. This style comes to life through an intricate process of sectioning the hair, twisting the hair, and cutting it in uneven notches. Great care is taken to shape separate hair sections of various lengths so that the results display a gorgeously tousled effect.


Blow drying is neither recommended or necessary to this look. In fact, the structure of the hair style is produced during the cutting phase. If heat-drying is implemented, it is recommended that a hand be placed flat on the head, in order to swirl the hair during the drying process. This ensures that the hair will not set in any one direction. The bed head look is exemplified by defiant and unruly hair.


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Selecting the right styling products is critical to maintaining this look. There are several different products that boast specific advantages regarding this shaggy style.

Waxes should only be employed on thicker types of hair. Since the bed head hair style is represented best by lively spry locks, waxes can weigh down finer types of hair and give the style a flat appearance. If your hair is less coarse, the recommended approach to managing this style consists of both a good quality gel-mousse and hair spray.

The gel-mousse is used on wet or towel-dried hair. It is run through the hair with the fingers in an upward motion, lifting the hair from the scalp so that the sections stand upward. At this point the hair can be blow-dried on a low setting.

Next, the hair spray comes into play on specific sections of the hair. It should be applied in sections, one at a time, such that the hair is styled in different directions. Feel free to add cowlicks or focus on a wispy effect. You can pull a few pieces towards the front, or simply fluff up the hair at the back or sides.

Style Considerations

Tousled and textured hair styles may not work well on extremely fine or limp hair. Also, the length of the hair should be very short to, at most, medium length. Long hair will result in a very "big" effect that overpowers the intended image of the cut.

Specialized Products

Tigi created a line of products called "Bed Head", all of which are specifically geared towards the maintenance of this hair style. This line provides shampoos, conditioners, and treatments that contain special moisturizing, nourishing, or bulking agents. Each product is tailored to meet the needs of specific hair types.

Written by Ann Parkinson

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