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Biotin for Hair Loss

Image of biotin gel capsules for hair loss
Biotin may be helpful in reversing hair loss.

If you're familiar with biotin, hair loss may be a problem you have actively tried to solve. The vitamin is recognized as a natural remedy for countering the loss of hair, as well as several other conditions.

About Biotin

Biotin is a B complex vitamin that is essential for energy production and carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism. It is naturally found in a variety of foods, including liver, salmon, peas, brown rice, sunflower seeds, walnuts, bananas, carrots, sardines, legumes, mushrooms, egg yolks, and cauliflower. Despite this, some individuals can be deficient in this important vitamin. Though not very common, deficiency does inflict certain individuals and can lead to various conditions, including skin rashes, high cholesterol, heart problems, and hair loss.

The Biotin Hair Loss Connection

A lack of biotin in the body can have dire consequences on the condition of the hair. You likely will not even realize you're deficient in this nutrient until you begin to notice the visible effects on your body. As it relates to hair, a lack of biotin can result in:

  • Frailness and weakness
  • Breakage
  • Overall loss of hair strength and health

Needless to say, all of these symptoms do go hand in hand. Weak hair, for example, leads to breakage, which in turn leads to poor health in the long term for the hair. Biotin is also essential for basic energy and keeps the skin and nails healthy, too. Without this important nutrient, it is entirely possible that you may notice some unpleasant symptoms.

Your Daily Biotin Intake

If you are biotin deficient, your first step is to reintroduce this nutrient to your daily diet. The foods mentioned above are strong starting points, and it can be helpful to simply begin consuming a few of them regularly and make them regular parts of your diet for healthy hair.

Bunch of bananas
Bananas contain biotin.

However, it is also important to note that one must consume vast quantities of any of these foods to actually notice a difference in the hair's condition. For example, despite the high content of biotin in egg yolks, you would need to eat several thousand calories worth of yolk per day just to get the recommended amount for your hair's health! Needless to say, this is impractical for most people. Additionally, many biotin deficiencies are due to the body's inability to absorb B vitamins from food; this is noted especially in individuals with A blood types.

This is why biotin supplements are so popular today. They have no known side effects, and excess is simply excreted in the urine. Many individuals have reported visible improvement in the appearance of their hair, nails, and skin over time. Though the ideal amount of daily biotin intake has not been determined, a normal intake of 30 to 100 micrograms per day is considered sufficient for adults.

Biotin Products

In addition to supplements, biotin hair products can also be beneficial in reversing hair loss. On their own they likely will not have any effect, because the skin cannot absorb the amount of biotin needed to make a difference. However, many of these products are rich in valuable nutrients that, combined with biotin, contribute to the hair's strength and encourage fullness, luster, body and overall scalp health.

  • Jason Thin to Thick Shampoo: Formulated with biotin, plant proteins, and panthenol (or pro-vitamin B5, an ingredient that strengthens and conditions the hair), this shampoo provides nutrition to the hair follicles and, over time, helps normalize regular scalp functions and adds body.
  • Nexxus VitaTress Biotin Shampoo: Formulated especially for fine, fragile, and thinning hair, VitaTress Biotin shampoo contains a combination of active ingredients that are said to penetrate the scalp and add vital strength to the follicles. The company suggests using it in tandem with other VitaTress products.
  • Mill Creek Biotin Shampoo: Rich in biotin and cystine (an amino acid essential for hair growth), this shampoo encourages stronger, smoother, more vibrant hair. The company also offers a Biotin Deep Conditioning Gel treatment.

Be Cautious

There is certainly something to the biotin hair loss connection, but if you are concerned about the condition of your hair, you might consider visiting a doctor to rule out any serious conditions. There are many causes of hair loss, ranging from stress to poor diet. Your doctor may be able to prescribe a proper course of treatment and advise you on how much biotin, if any, you should take.

Biotin for Hair Loss