Black Hair Magazines

Black hair magazines showcase many stunning styles.

For many African American women, popular hair style magazines are inadequate because they do not address the common problems and stylish trends for women of color - black hair magazines, on the other hand, do offer articles and advice for women of many ethnicities.

Why a Different Magazine?

African American hair has a distinctly different texture than Caucasian, Hispanic, or Asian hair, and because of this, it requires special treatment and considerations for popular styles. Many hair products, regardless of how well designed and suitable they may be for many women, are inadequate for black hair, just as many hair styles are diffiuclt to create with black hair.

At the same time, there are hundreds of products, styles, and accessories specifically targeted toward black hair. Dedicated magazines can offer many insights for men and women to stylishly flaunt their black locks without needing to conform to a different race or culture.

Features of Black Hair Magazines

As with any type of popular magazine, titles dedicated to black hair care and styles will offer a range of columns, features, and articles. Interested customers should choose a magazine that offers material they are interested in - if you have no interest in celebrity hair styles, for example, a magazine dedicated to the hottest trends among black celebrities would not be worthwhile.

Popular features of black hair magazines include:

  • Hair Style Photo Galleries: Photo spreads often include hundreds of pictures of current trends, classic black hair styles, or styles of different hair lengths. Photos shown from different angles are especially useful.
  • Seasonal Styles: Options such as prom hair styles, holiday options, wedding styles, or party favorites can help you stay stylish throughout the year.

  • Hair Care Tips: These informational articles should offer advice geared toward the particular problems of black hair care such as straightening, controlling split ends, and moisturizing hair as well as offer general advice suitable for any hair type. Natural hair care features are especially popular because many people prefer to use fewer chemicals to maintain their styles.
  • Product Reviews: Overviews and buyers' guides for ethnic hair care products can help consumers choose which products can meet their hair care needs.
  • Budgeting Tips: Caring for black hair and keeping it stylish can be expensive, and many magazines offer advice on performing some treatments at home or how to trim the expense of hair salon visits.
  • Celebrity Styles: Celebrities of any skin color are trendsetters, and a well-rounded magazine will include profiles of black celebrity hair styles as well as tips for achieving instant stardom with a celebrity-inspired coif.
  • Interviews: One-on-one interviews from experienced black hair stylists, ethnic-oriented salons, or black celebrities with fabulous hair are always popular features.

In addition to these hair-oriented articles, many black hair magazines also offer fashion, jewelry, and makeup advice to help readers create a coordinated look.

Popular Black Hair Magazines

The most popular magazine titles that focus on black hair include:

In addition to exclusive style magazines, many generalized lifestyle magazines for black men and women also offer regular hair care and style advice. Titles include:

  • Today's Black Woman
  • Upscale
  • Essence

Where to Buy

Finding ethnic hair magazines can be a challenge. Ethnic-oriented salons that specialize in black hair are likely to have a few subscriptions, and interested consumers can preview a sample issue or two to decide if the magazine is right for them. Mail-order subscriptions are available from a wide range of sources, including directly from the magazines' official websites, through popular media retailers such as or Barnes and Noble, or from discounted magazine subscription services.

Black hair magazines offer a wide range of appropriate advice for black hair styles, hair care, and fashionable trends. By using a magazine as a style resource, both men and women alike can stay informed about the best care and styles for their unique hair considerations.

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