Black Hair Weave Styles

Get long locks with weave styles.

Black hair weave styles give women the flexibility to choose many different looks. Some women like to use hair weaves to go from long hair to short hair, but many more women are likely to use weaves to extend shorter hair. Weaves can add fullness and glamour to a woman's natural hair. Weaves are usually sewn in or added with a special glue, called bonding glue.

Glue-In Black Hair Weave Styles

Glue is used for quick styles, and the weave tends to lie flatter with glue. The bone-straight bob is a common style for glued weaves. To style a glued weave:

  1. Glue the weave away from the face and blend the front of the natural hair with the weave.
  2. Place a part in the front of the hair, on the side, or simply use a round brush to brush the natural hair back into the weave.
  3. The front of the hair can be curled, puffed up, and secured back with pins.
  4. The front of the natural hair can also be cut into bangs, and the back of the hair can be cut, curled or flat-ironed in all weave styles with human hair.

Sew-In Weaves

Sew-in weaves tend to last longer than glue weave styles. To achieve a sew-in weave style, the natural hair is braided into cornrows and the weave is sewn into the braid.

Curl the weave for a little glamour.

  1. Add setting lotion on to the wet hair before curling it for bouncy curls.
  2. Spiral curls can be created with flexible curlers or with a curling iron.
  3. If using flexible curlers, roll the hair on wet hair.
  4. Sit under a hooded dryer or allow the hair to dry naturally.
  5. Remove the flexible curlers and separate the spiral curls. Use a hot curler by grasping the end of the hair in the curler and winding the hair up onto the hot curler. Try not to overlap the hair.
  6. Style the front of the hair by adding a little gel and parting the hair on the right or left side.
  7. Sweep the front along the forehead to create a flat, smooth bang.
  8. Sweep the shorter side back and secure that side with a pin.

Other weave styles are used to create updos. The hair is incorporated into a ponytail and the ends are curled into beautiful, cascading ringlets. Decorative pins may be added for sparkle. Tiny flowers could also be added for a simple yet beautiful style for a bride.

Short and Sexy or Long and Curly

Cut the weave into layers for saucy black hair weave styles. Allow a hairstylist to cut the hair so that it frames the face. The back of the hair can be cut into a layered bob or a longer style with big, cascading curls.

For the summer, consider a super-short cut that angles toward the face and gently curls at the ends. Get a curly weave and cut the hair into a cute curly bob or wear it in a long and curly hairstyle. Wet and wavy weaves curl with water. Weaves can be cut into exotic symmetric styles or cut into trendy razor cuts with a razor comb.


Add Color

Sometimes women get weaves to try out a new hair color. Try a blond weave or an auburn weave to add depth to a natural color. Make sure that the natural hair is healthy before dying it. If the hair is well-conditioned and healthy, be daring and get blond streaks on a long, exotic weave.

Weaves should be undetectable and keep people wondering. No one should be able to see the difference between the weave and the natural hair. That's why it's important that the weave can feasibly be blended into the natural hair or the natural hair should be completely covered by the weave. Professional stylists who specialize in weaving black hair can style, color, and cut the weaves into beautiful natural or sexy, exotic black hair weave styles.

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