Black Hair with White Streaks That Stands on End

Try a punk look!

Ever since seventies punk rock inspired hair styles, black hair with white streaks that stands on end has been a popular alternative and emo hair style.

How to Get Black Hair with White Streaks that Stands on End

If you're looking for a head-turning hair style that helps portray your unique sense of fashion and style, you may be interested in the graphic and bold pattern of black and white hair color that stands on end.

Spiked hair is a perennial favorite for many men, and many punk haircuts for women feature this outrageous look as well. Whether you're paying homage to some of the most notorious hairstyles from the punk rock era or simply want to start your own hair trend, here's how to get this unique look.

Get Spiked

Spiked hair takes a few requirements in order to stay in place all day long. First, you'll need a haircut and the hair type hat defies gravity. Next, you'll need a pomade, wax, or hair spray that will lock in the shape and the hold of your look. The best haircuts for spiked hair include a flat top or a modified flat top where the hair is cut very short on the sides and the back but left long and square on the top. If you opt for a longer cut, your spikes will be more difficult to style and will require more product. If you have trouble getting hair to stand on end, consider a shorter cut before giving up!

Allover Black Color

The next step in creating black hair with white streaks that stand on end is an all over color process. Unless your hair is naturally dark brown or black, you'll want to richen your locks with a permanent hair color. A professional colorist is your best bet for obtaining a dark color that flatters your skin tone while avoiding the mishaps often associated with at home coloring. If you have pale and fair skin, you can opt for the most intense blue-back shades on the color wheel, while warm-skinned individuals look best in brown blacks that maintain a richer base. Color touch-ups at the scalp are recommended and will need to be maintained every 4-6 weeks.

Adding Streaks

Once hair is darkened, it's time to have some fun adding the white streaks. Bear in mind, this color service is considered a two-step process and will cost more than an allover color if you opt for professional service.

Whether hair is lifted using a foil or paint-on technique will be left to the recommendation of your colorist. A hair lifting lightener will be used to lift hair to the palest shade of white, and almost always will need to be followed with a hair toner to eliminate any unwanted pigments or casts. While scalp touch-ups will be necessary for the dark outgrowth every 4-6 weeks, white ends and tips can be touched up every 2-3 color services, making maintenance for the hair highlights less than allover color.

Changing Your Style

Alternative cuts and colors such as black hair and white tips are harder to grow out. Before opting for a permanent color service, consider how you look in dark hair and whether or not you are truly committed to this punk style. Spiked hair makes enough impact on its own, so perhaps starting with the cut and easing into the color service may be best if you're uncertain. In addition, there are plenty of other emo hair styles that can be just as intense while requiring less maintenance.

Black hair with white streaks that stands on end can be a funky, outrageous look, but it isn't for everyone. If you're interested in punk hair styles, be sure to consider the color and maintenance needs of the look you want before you commit to a complicated style.

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Black Hair with White Streaks That Stands on End