Blonde Hair Makeover Options

Blonde Hair Shades
Make over your color with a beautiful blonde shade.

Are you ready to take the plunge and get a blonde hair makeover? If you've always longed for golden locks but never made the hair color change, why not experiment with one of these hair makeover ideas?

Going Blonde

Most women who've gone blonde have never gone back. Blonde hair is head turning, exciting, and instantly makes you feel vibrant and noticed. While not every shade of blonde is flattering, there are several ways to incorporate a lighter shade into your natural hair color. Whether you go bold and opt for an allover color or go subtle with just a few fringed blonde chunks, a blonde hair makeover is a welcome change.

Blonde Hair Makeover Techniques

Every technique for hair lightening varies based on the desired outcome and the hair's natural color level and prominent undertones. Lifting dark brunette hair to the palest shade of blonde may take several processes, while lifting a light brown base to a platinum hue can be achieved with just one process. To make the lightening process even more complicated, even the lightest shade of brown can get "stuck" in a gold or orange base if the underlying tones in the hair shaft are stubborn and unwilling to lift. This is exactly why home hair lightening is very risky. Unless you have the right chemical products and the knowledge to lift effectively, an at- home bleach job can quickly turn into a costly corrective color process at the hair salon. Rather than damage hair and gamble on a box of drugstore hair color promising a platinum hue, book a color appointment with a professional expert who can give you the look you desire.


Hair highlights are one of the most popular techniques for hair lightening, allowing the stylist to select random pieces of the hair to lift and lighten. Highlights are also the lowest maintenance form of hair lightening. Touch ups for blonde hair highlights vary, but the average time lapse is 8 to 10 weeks. Highlights are generally categorized into a half or a full head process. Whether you want lots of blonde, or just a little, a highlighting service will add the blonde right into your natural base color, providing a woven effect that adds dimension and contrast.

Allover Color

For those seeking a full blonde hair color, an allover color service is recommended. This process may require several steps to get hair lifted to the desired shade, and the maintenance is very high. At minimum, allover color will need a touch up every 4 weeks to conceal root outgrowth. Most allover blonde color requires lifting the hair and then toning it to remove any brassiness or unwanted undertones. If you want a blonde bomb shell effect, an allover color is your best bet, but keep in mind the expense and maintenance for this type of intense coloring technique.


Highlights with Lowlights

Two tone hair color is the perfect choice for the gal who wants blonde mixed in with a darker shade. A very popular technique is to lift the front and the crown to a platinum hue, and then color the bottom a deep chocolate brown hair color. This technique still requires maintenance every 5 to 6 weeks, but the outcome is less damaging than an allover blonde and still has the shock value of a radical color change. Another popular choice for a multi-color effect is to add hair lowlights shades to your blonde. Perhaps you went extreme with an allover blonde process and feel washed out? That's a simple fix, ask your stylist to weave in lowlights and you'll have some contrast that will also tone down the maintenance requirements. If you're leery of going a full blonde, yet crave a unique and playful contrast, consider a blend of highlights and lowlights.

Experiment with Hues

Contrary to popular belief, there's a shade of blonde that flatters everyone. If you have cool skin, opt for pale shades of blonde with silver or beige undertones. Women with warm skin should opt for blonde that has a golden or caramel base. Finding the right hue that flatters your skin takes some experimentation and a talented colorist. For best results when going blonde, book a hair color consultation and play with color swatches of blonde hues and find a color that looks great on you!

Whether you want a full blonde hair makeover or just some light highlights in your hair, there is a way to add a sun-kissed look to your locks. From rich caramel and honey hues to bold platinum shades, blonde can be the right hair color for you!

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Blonde Hair Makeover Options