Blue Hair Images

Bold Blue

There are a wide range of blue hair images that illustrate how such unusual color can be incorporated into different hairstyles. Whether you want a fun, crazy look or a bold, daring style, a touch of blue can be just the thing to make your hair stand out.

If you have light blonde hair, a bold blue streak is a startling contrast. Tapered through the bangs and along one side of the hair, this type of asymmetrical color draws attention to your face and eyes.

Cosplay Styles

Blue hair is not the most popular punk shade, which makes it a great choice for an unusual look. Individuals involved in cosplay or elaborate costuming often choose sharp shades of ice blue in unique hairstyles to make a bold and powerful statement.

Midnight Blue

Rich, dark blue highlights are perfect for dark hair colors. While this color won’t be as noticeable as a lighter shade, it will add richness and a touch of creativity to your hair color in an unexpected way.

Classically Unique

A classic hair style such as a blunt bob can be instantly dynamic with blue hair or other coordinated shades. Variegated hair highlights in blue, teal, purple, pink, and green create a shimmering style that is dramatic and daring, even if the cut is simple.

Blue Bangs

Because blue is an unusual hair color, it is most effective when used in a noticeable way, such as with face framing bangs. Tapered layers add edge to the look and help keep a bright blue shade from being overwhelming.

Purple Blue

Blue comes in many different shades, from bright icy hues to rich tones with hints of purple. Aqua, teal, and sky blue are other popular shades, or colors can be mixed to create the best blue for you.

Blue Wigs

For instant glamour, opt for a blue wig in an electric shade. This is a fun, frisky choice for a costume or to give yourself a new look without a permanent color change.

Dusky Blue

A darker dusty blue shade is a great fall hair color choice. Layered on a lighter hair color, the mild blue will blend in nicely, and a tapered cut will help it stand out even more.

Barely Blue

If you want a touch of blue in your hair without a riot of color, opt for a blue shade that is similar to the strength of your natural hair color. Rich midnight or purple blue pairs well with dark brunette hair, while a pale ice blue is better for blonde hair highlights or accents.

Chunky Color

Chunking hair color techniques are often used with wild colors such as blue, purple, pink, or green. A chunk of color in your bangs or a thick streak near your face will be instantly noticeable without completely covering your base hair color.


Go for glamour with a bold blue color and coordinating blue makeup and attire. For a Halloween party, punk style, or just an outrageous look, a bright blue shade is best and will look great with a funky hair style and plenty of bold volume.

Kids’ Color

Kids love to experiment with funky hair colors. If they want to use an unnatural shade of blue, green, purple, or pink, however, choose temporary hair dyes that will wash out easily so they do not violate a school’s dress code or other grooming guidelines. This way, children and teens can still experiment with fun hair colors.

Ice Blue

A bright ice blue shade is perfect for silky long hair in a sedu style. Whether a wig or a real color for an unusual look, this funky shade is sure to be noticed.

Blues and Greens

For an even more outrageous look, combine blue hues with coordinating colors such as green or purple. Contrasting colors such as red, pink, or a bright yellow will give your hair more edge as well.

Blue Accents

If you still want a touch of blue in your hair without committing to a funky hair color, choose blue hair accessories instead. Hair pins, ribbons, head bands, barrettes, and other stylish accents are available in every shade of blue imaginable, as well as both abstract and concrete designs.

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Blue Hair Images