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Bob Style Varieties

Not all bobs are the same. There are bangs, textures, lengths, and additional features to consider.

This blonde bob has blunt bangs and is angled toward the face so the back is shorter than the front. As long as you have the patience to style with a flat iron and don't mind going in for frequent trims, this style is a good fit for most face shapes.

Choppy Bob

The choppy bob is a fun and playful take on what can sometimes be a no-nonsense, professional haircut. It adds texture and gives plenty of opportunities to have fun with color. It's also good for a girl who likes her hair as close to wash-and-go as she can get it. If you can't get each piece to lie perfectly, rough it up with texturizing cream and it'll look like you styled it that way on purpose.

Edgy Razored Style

Razored edges and asymmetrical bangs add edgy style to a modern bob. Draping the choppy bangs over one eye also adds a distinctive emo touch to the look.

Play With Texture

If you're a wavy-haired girl who's short on time, you can scrunch a long bob and only worry about getting the bangs completely straight. Use a bit of mousse to hold the style and prevent frizz.

Enhance the Color

With such a classic hairstyle, it's easy to play with color without looking like it's too over-the-top. Add slices of color underneath the top layer that will peek out or just apply it at the crown so that it shows when the light hits it.

Short, Sleek, and Sexy

This polished bob hits almost at chin-length and has bangs to bring the eyes into the spotlight. Be sure to keep a shine serum on hand to keep your short bob looking its best.

Flippy Bob

With a bob of any length, especially longer looks, you can flip the ends out for a flirty style. Simply use a flat iron or curling iron to go down the length of the strands, then flip the ends out and away from your face.

Medium Length Bob

A medium length bob is a versatile style. Keep it sleek for a polished look, or curl the ends inward towards the face for a more casual look. For women who want bangs but are afraid blunt ones will look too heavy or harsh, lightly fringed bangs can add movement to the style and still keep the classic lines of this cut.

Color for Depth

To add flair to a classic bob, consider using several tones of hair highlights and lowlights. Face framing chunks, colored tips, and two-tone color are other popular options.

Professional Bob

A tapered bob hairstyle with side swept bangs is the perfect professional look. Quick and easy to style, this bob is suitable for any busy schedule, yet it is chic enough for even the highest of corporate circles.

No Bangs

A bob without bangs is the most popular modern variation of this classic hair cut. The hair can be side parted to give the illusion of bangs, and gentle layers give the style freedom and movement.

Soft Lines

Gentle curves and slight tapering soften a bob hairstyle and make it suitable for any occasion. Soft swept bangs also help keep the style less severe for any face shape. Short styles like bobs offer low-maintenance and versatile styling possibilities.

Cute Curls

If you thought you couldn't cut your hair this short because it's curly, check out this fun, flirtatious cut. If your hair isn't naturally curly you can use a curling iron, let the curls cool, then run your fingers through them for this casual, carefree vibe.

Sleek, Blunt, and a Single Shade

There's something especially chic about a blunt bob with bangs, especially when it's all one shade. Try this one out if you're looking for something that can easily go from workday to weekend. Quick touch-ups with smoothing serum and a mini flat iron will keep you looking sleek on days you plan to go out after work.

Bob With Natural Highlights

A bob with natural (or not so natural) highlights can frame your face and bring out your best features. If you choose a bob with layers, the multi-tonal style can play up the shape of the cut.

Asymmetrical Bob

A bob that's shorter on one side than the other is the not-so-daring woman's "edgy" cut. It looks sexy with long, side swept bangs, and cute with the longer side and bangs pushed behind the ear. Be sure to choose your stylist carefully as this cut can be a challenge to get perfect across the back.

The Tousled Bob

Not all bobs have to be sleek and ultra-shiny. In some cases, letting it air-dry and adding product to texturize the ends will give you a tousled look that's perfect for hanging out with friends. It can be especially fun to accessorize this kind of style with barrettes and headbands.

Classic Cut With a Twist

The bob has been around for quite some time. If the cut fits your lifestyle well but you want something more modern and adventurous, spruce things up with slices of fun color throughout the front and sides. Use colors to bring out your eyes or play off of the colors that show up most often in your wardrobe.

Thick and Mysterious

If you have thick hair, there's plenty there to create a stunning bob with long, thick bangs that will put the spotlight on your gorgeous eyes. If you love looking a little mysterious, a bob like this is one way to achieve your goal.

As Light as Possible

Trendsetters, fashionistas, and girls who love silver and white hair will love a bob like this one. It's on-trend, a little shocking, and if the lightening process damages your strands, cutting them short will help you manage the split ends and dryness.

There's a bob hairstyle out there for just about anyone, regardless of hair type, color, face shape, or lifestyle. This is one of the most versatile classic cuts out there. Get even more ideas for shorter cuts with pictures of cute short hairstyles.

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Bob Hair Style Pictures