Brazilian Waxing

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Brazilian waxing represents an ever-increasingly popular choice of bikini waxes. There are many different types of bikini waxes, but the Brazilian is sometimes viewed by some as a more extreme and intense wax. However, there is a practical side to the Brazilian that easily justifies this level of hair removal.

What Exactly Is a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax removes the hair in your bikini from the top of your panty line all the way to the back. This includes hair on the sides of your pelvic crease and any hair in the buttocks area. However, Brazilian waxes will usually leave a small, neatly arranged triangle of hair in the front. In this fashion, the Brazilian wax differs from a Hollywood wax which leaves the client completely bare. Sometimes the idea of the Brazilian wax is merged with the Hollywood wax under the label "Full Brazilian" bikini wax.

The Procedure

A Brazilian wax is not the best procedure to perform with an in-home wax kit. This type of wax removes a great deal of hair and many patients will experience various levels of pain, from slight to severe. However, since so much hair is being ripped from the follicle, it is important that this procedure be done by a professional in a clean hygienic environment. A poor wax job can lead to more than ingrown hairs. It is also possible to incur follicular infections from an unhygienic waxing practice.

Set the Appointment

Your best bet is to set up an appointment with an aesthetician/waxing specialist in a salon. In order for a wax job to be effective, the hair on your bikini area must be at least a quarter of an inch long. If it is considerably longer, the waxing specialist will trim the hair down until it is a reasonable length for the procedure.

Use Powder

Talcum powder is applied to the skin to prevent the wax from sticking. Then, hot wax will be smoothed onto your skin and hair with a wooden spoon. Cloth strips represent the next step in the process. They will be pressed against the freshly applied wax in order to adhere to as much of the wax as possible. These strips are then ripped off the skin against the direction of the hair growth. As the wax is removed, so is the hair caught within the wax, leaving you with smooth bare skin.

Expect a Follow Up

Your skin won't be completely smooth right away. Most likely the aesthetician will need to tweeze any hairs that the wax simply didn't take to. You will probably experience red bumps in the areas where hair was pulled. Your aesthetician may apply a lotion, toner, or cream to mitigate the swelling and cleanse the area. Then you will be free to go on your way.

The Pain

Depending on your own tolerance for pain, a Brazilian wax may be a very intimidating procedure. Ways to lessen the severity of your pain include:

  • Taking Advil or Aspirin prior to the procedure
  • Having the wax strips removed very quickly
  • Waxing smaller areas at a time

Brazilian waxes are fairly intimate procedures. You will want to feel comfortable with your waxing specialist, considering the areas of your body that you will reveal.

The Practical Side of the Brazilian

Brazilian waxes do have a highly functional appeal. They are ideal for the summer months when you will spend a significant amount of time in a swimsuit. A Brazilian wax is also a more attractive bikini wax for certain styles of lingerie. Some individuals have very coarse hair in their bikini zone which makes shaving the area far too irritating. Lastly, many fans of the Brazilian wax simply find it to be a more hygienic lifestyle option.

Healing and Maintenance

Brazilian waxing may make you a fan of  delightfully smooth skin. However, the dark side to any hair removal procedure is the potential for ingrown hairs. Keep your newly waxed area as clean as possible through frequent showers and cleansings. If you have a history of ingrown hairs you can also look for toning agents that contain salicylic or glycolic acid. Talk to your waxing specialist about any helpful brands and product recommendations.

Your wax won't last forever. You will usually need to return sometime between two to four weeks. Remember that your hair must be at least a quarter of an inch in regrowth for the wax to take. The advantage of repeated wax procedures is that a client may adjust to the pain, making subsequent visits more bearable.

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