Bridal Hair Pieces

Bride wearing pearl hair piece and veil
Add elegance to your wedding style.

Bridal hair pieces are the finishing touch of glamour on a beautiful wedding hairstyle. With many types of hair pieces to choose from, every bride can find her perfect accessory for a beautifully wedding do.

Types of Hair Pieces

Brides have several different types of hair pieces to choose from when coordinating hair accessories for their wedding hairstyle.

  • Tiaras: Tiaras are the most popular wedding hair piece. These crown-like accessories can be thick or thin and are often heavily embellished with decorative accents. Tiaras look best in nearly any style, including wedding updos, loose hair, half updos, and short hair.
  • Headband: Headbands are thicker than tiaras and generally lay flat against the head rather than rising up. Headbands for weddings can be made from cloth, metal, or crystals. Long, loose hair looks best with a headband, particularly for sedu hair styles, though wavy hair is can be equally stunning.
Bride wearing a pearl bun wrap
Simple Pearl Bun Wrap
  • Hair Pins: Small hair pins are a delicate option that adds sparkle to a hair style. Many brides opt to put hair pins in the back of a style to add extra glitter. Hair pins can easily be used with many styles, particularly updos, short hair styles, and French twists.
  • Bun Wrap: A bun or ponytail wrap adds sparkle to a sleek knot hair style. Many brides use bun wraps if they are wearing their hair up, and some styles can be combined with hair pins or other accessories. Use a bun wrap with a sleek updo or firm knot.
  • Snood: Brides who know how to wear a snood can use the vintage appeal of this hair accessory to add uniqueness to their hair style. Snood designs with crystals or other sparkling accents are particularly popular for weddings. Snoods look best when used with bun hair styles or long hair in a partial updo.
  • Hair Clips: Stronger than pins, clips work well with a range of hair lengths and styles. Clips come in different sizes and decorations to match any wedding attire, and brides can use one single, elaborate clip or several smaller ones. Clips can work in most hair styles, including bob hair styles, updos, braids, or loose hair.
Bride wearing a floral wreath hair piece
Floral Wreath
  • Combs: A hair comb is larger than a pin but smaller than a headband. Combs slide easily into many styles and can add an elegant touch with minimal fuss. Use a hair comb to accessorize an updo, French twist, braids, loose hair, or a partial updo.
  • Barrette: Decorative barrettes are stronger than combs and larger than clips. They can decorate a wedding hair style and are useful to keep elaborate styles in place. A single large barrette can create a half updo, or smaller barrettes can be used with updos, loose hair, or medium length hair styles.
  • Wreath: A hair wreath is innocent and feminine, and is particularly appropriate for outdoor weddings, garden events, or more casual celebrations. Most wreaths are of medium thickness so they are clearly visible but will not overwhelm the hair or appear unbalanced on the bride's head. Wreaths work best with loose, flowing hair, whether it is straight or wavy.

Decorative Accents

Bride wearing a tiara and pearl hair pins
Tiara and Hair Pins

Bridal hair pieces are often heavily decorated and may include accents such as:

  • Silk or satin ribbons
  • Tulle or netting
  • Crystals, sequins, pearls, or beads
  • Themed accents, such as small shells for a beach wedding hair style
  • Floral or vine designs
  • Colored beads or crystals to coordinate with flowers or wedding colors
  • Unusual accents such as silk or porcelain flowers, feathers, or dangling charms

Choosing Your Best Hair Piece

Before choosing a hair piece, brides should consider several factors.

  • Hair Style: Not every hair piece will work well with every hair style. A bride who wants a classic updo, for example, may not be able to wear a bun wrap, while a snood is not appropriate for very short hair.
  • Wedding Attire: The hair piece should coordinate with the wedding dress and bridal jewelry. Similar accents, coordinating colors, and similar styles will give the bride a polished, elegant appearance.
  • Strength: The chosen hair piece must be strong enough to help keep the bride's hair in place for a long day of celebrating.
  • Visibility: A delicate, thin tiara may be beautiful, but it won't necessarily be visible in a wavy blonde hair style. A thick headband, on the other hand, may overwhelm a sleek sedu style.

Where to Find Bridal Hair Pieces

Bride wearing crown-style tiara
Crown-Style Tiara

Wedding hair pieces can be found at most bridal salons and hair accessory boutiques. Many craft stores also sell kits for headbands and tiaras, and plain hair pins and other accessories can easily be embellished with matching beads or crystals.

The following online retailers also offer a range of hair pieces for weddings.

Wearing Your Hair Piece

Bride wearing pearl headband hair piece
Pearl Headband

To ensure your hair pieces stays secure on your special day...

  • Use bobby pins and hair spray to keep your style in place so the hair piece does not bear the brunt of the style's stress.
  • Do a trial run of your hair style, including the hair piece, before the big day and make any necessary adjustments to keep it in place.
  • Consider coordinating your hair piece with the maid of honor, bridesmaids, and flower girl for an elegant bridal party look.

While not every bride wears one, bridal hair pieces add something special to an elegant wedding hair style. With many styles to choose from, every bride can have picture-perfect hair on her special day.

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