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Britney Spears

One of today's hottest celebrities is pop sensation Britney Spears, and in early 2007, one of the hottest topics about the singer was speculation about the latest Britney Spears hair style.

Britney's Popularity

Britney Jean Spears was born December 2, 1981 in Mississippi, but the country girl moved to Louisiana as a child. From an early age, her musical talent and flirtatious good looks were apparent, and she launched her career in the public eye when she was just 11 by appearing on the Mickey Mouse Club. At age 17 the pop star emerged as a talented singer and debuted her first album, which instantly catapulted her onto the pop charts and into the position of a fashion and style trendsetter.

As Britney grew up under the public's scrutiny on stage, she began generating regular controversies by shifting from the girl-next-door look to sexy pop diva. Her clothing, dance routines, and songs gradually became more suggestive, and in 2004 - after marrying Kevin Federline - she took a break from her singing career to indulge her desire to become a young mother. After having two children in two years, she filed for divorce from Federline in November 2006, citing irreconcilable differences for the split. Pledging to return to pop stardom, Britney reveled in her newly single status, rapidly regaining both notoriety as a stylish single and resentment as an inappropriate role model for the young girls who idolized her. In February 2007, Britney appeared to break under the pressure and eventually checked into a rehabilitation center to seek help.

From Loose to Luscious

Just as her life has been through many stages, so too has Britney Spears' hair style undergone many transformations to match her widely varied roles and appearances. Britney is a natural brunette, but her characteristic sunny blonde locks are the result of careful coloring and blonde hair highlights. The different stages of Britney's hair include:

  • Short to medium length straight, simple locks while she was younger.
  • Longer, wavy styles with multiple layers tapered to her face shape as she cultivated a sexier image.
  • Long bangs brushed over her eye or off to the side for a sultry frame to her eyes and oval-shaped face.
  • Practical loose ponytails and basic hair accessories as a young mom.

Not only has Britney changed her hair color, but Britney Spears' hair style is the result of frequent hair extensions that give her more flexibility with her style and guarantee she can sport the long, luscious locks she has integrated into her style. Unfortunately, the harsh chemical treatments to maintain her blonde hair and the stress of the extensions have taken their toll, and many people speculate that her hair is severely damaged by such rough treatment.

Getting a Britney Spears Hair Style

Many girls - preteens and teenagers in particular - adore Britney Spears' hair style and work to create their own Britney-esque look. While the harsh styling techniques that give Britney her characteristic hair styles are not the best option for most individuals, there are certain things anyone can do to emulate this pop princess's hair.

  • Britney Spears' hair styles are almost always worn loose and long. The process to grow your hair long can take years, but it is a better alternative than costly extensions. Girls with short hair can still emulate much of Britney's style, however.
  • Layers are essential to Britney's look. The layers should be carefully tapered toward the chin, framing the face without adding excessive volume, and the outer layer of hair should be the longest.
  • Highlights add texture and dimension to Britney's style. Multiple highlight colors should be used, but they should coordinate with the overall sunny shade of blonde she favors (or with whatever hair base color you have for a blended look).
  • Add waves to straight hair by using a large-barreled curling iron to create loose ringlets, and do not brush them out completely - styling with fingers will be more effective.
  • When styling, use hair spray or hair gel to tame frizz and keep hair sleek but falling in assorted locks.
  • The hair should be worn loose and tossed about the shoulders for care-free Britney appeal.

Britney Bald?

The most controversial of Britney Spears' hair styles was when, on February 17, 2007, the tense superstar went into a salon and demanded that her head be shaved. The stylist refused, and Britney used nearby hair clippers to give herself a close buzz. This drastic action drew media attention from around the world, with much speculation as to why she chose such a radical look. Just like all of Britney's styles, however, it may mimic the sweeping changes in her own life, and as the star's hair grows out again undoubtedly her styles will continue to attract notice and set trends.

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Britney Spears Hair Style