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Human head lice are annoying little monsters. They are small insect parasites that roam about on your hair and scalp, feeding on your blood and laying eggs on your hair shaft. There are a lot of myths about head… Keep reading »

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How Healthy Is Your Hair?

About Hair

Almost everyone has it, but everyone has different ideas about hair, including how to care for it, how to cut it, and how to style it. To have the best looking hair possible, it is important to learn as much as possible about your own locks. From tips on hair color and highlights to basics about general maintenance, you can find the information you need here at LoveToKnow Hair.

Learn About Your Own Hair

Knowing everything you can for a great style begins with knowing your own hair. Is your hair dry? Oily? Damaged? Sensitive? Are you certain of your answers?

For the best possible care, visit a reputable beauty salon and consult with a professional stylist for tips and tricks about your best looks, suitable hair products, and which accessories will work best for your styling needs. Long hair has different needs than short hair, and curly hair needs different care than straight hair. Whether you want to cut your hair, color it, or do either basic or advanced styling, learning the details about your hair will help make the process easy for a flawless result.

From basic tips to advanced techniques, knowing about hair is the key to have a great style that looks both natural and beautiful. As you learn more about hair, you may even discover hidden talents and skills that lead you to seek formal training at beauty school so you can teach others everything they need to know about hair for a great look.

From topics ranging from tricky hair topics like how to remove sand from your locks to basic must do hair care, you'll find it all here.

About Hair