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Are you ready to be alternative?

Alternative hairstyles are popular options for teenagers and young adults, but choosing just which alternative look suits you best isn't always easy. These styles are very personal and should reflect your personality and interests, and if those interests change quickly it can be difficult to alter a radical style.

Types of Alternative Hairstyles

There are four basic types of alternative hairdos to consider:

  • Emo: Emo hair styles are one of today's hottest trends, and you can opt for long emo hair or short emo hair. Most emo hair color is dark or includes stark color contrasts, and straight hair is generally preferred to pull off this look.
  • Goth: Gothic hairstyles are similar to emo hair cuts and in fact both types of cuts have similar origins. Goth styles, however, are usually longer and darker, projecting a harsher appearance. Romantic gothic styles are also popular and may include luscious curly hair and even longer, wispy locks.
  • Scene: Scene haircuts are related to the music and cultural scene and can change rapidly as styles and fashion trends change. Brighter colors and edgy cuts define many scene styles.
  • Punk: Punk hair styles are the most outrageous type of alternative hairstyles and include heavily sculpted locks such as spikes and mohawks as well as bright, unexpected colors.

Personalize Your Look

While these basic definitions help outline each type of style, the key to a great alternative look is matching it to your personality. In that sense, anything goes in terms of your hair color, length, cut, and style - be alternative by turning the look into one that is uniquely you. Even classic hair styles can be alternative looks if they are personalized. A simple bob hair style, for example, can be alternative if it is pink.

Alternative Isn't for Everyone

Alternative hairstyles are not suitable for everyone. Before you bring out the hair dye and scissors, consider:

  • Damage: Frequent use of dye and heavy styling products can damage hair.
  • Dress Codes: Outrageous colors and distracting styles may not be permitted under a school or work dress code.
  • Trends: The style that is hot today may be cliché tomorrow, so choose wisely to find a style for you.

Alternative hairstyles can be fun and fashionable if you choose the best one for your personality and flair. LoveToKnow Hair has dozens of articles, photo galleries, and slideshows on alternative looks to help you find just the right look for your life.

Alternative Hairstyles