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Eyebrow threading is a popular Middle Eastern and Indian method of hair removal for shaping and thinning brows. Pareen Merchant, an expert eyebrow threader and co-founder of the Sanctuary Salon and Day Spa in… Keep reading »

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Pareen Merchant threading a client's brows.
Eyebrow Threading

The eyes are the most expressive part of the face, and the eyebrows are the frame that emphasizes those expressions. Caring for your eyebrows properly is the best way to highlight and clarify the beauty of your eyes.

About Eyebrows

Eyebrows are as unique as any facial feature, and they can vary widely in terms of thickness, color, arch, length, and placement. Just as many people opt to try out different hair styles, they often look for different eyebrow styles to give themselves an instant - and inexpensive - facelift. Before attempting anything drastic, however, it is important to remember that:

  • Eyebrows are naturally 1-2 shades darker than your natural hair color. Dying brows lighter may make your face appear pale or washed out.
  • Not all brow hairs grow at once; any treatment to shape or trim brows may need to be repeated as hairs grow in to achieve the desired results.
  • Eyes are extremely delicate and sensitive. Great care should be taken with any hot treatments or pointed tools to avoid damaging the eyes.

Caring for Your Eyebrows

Proper grooming is essential for stylish eyebrows. Both men and women can benefit from knowing how to care for their brows with techniques such as:

  • Daily Grooming: This includes brushing brows in the direction of growth so they lie naturally, as well as occasionally trimming or plucking to keep the shape neat.
  • Shaping: Altering the natural brow shape to accentuate the arch, widen the bridge of the nose, or taper the ends of the brow can instantly highlight the eyes and soften the face.
  • Waxing: For removing excess eyebrow hair, waxing is both effective and efficient.
  • Threading: A more esoteric method of removing eyebrow hair, threading can be less painful than waxing and may have better results for fine details.

By knowing how to keep brows looking their best, it is possible to create stylish brows with minimal effort, time, and expense.