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Article Highlight: Hair Color for Black Women

Encouraged by trends over the years, hair color for black women has progressed to become a form of self-expression as well as a beauty ritual. Women all over the world rely on hair color as a tool for expressing… Keep reading »

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Which shade is your best?
What is the right hair color for you?

Regardless of what hair style you have or which hair accessories you use, it is your hair color that will be the most noticeable part of your look. Choosing the color that suits you best is essential, whether it is a completely different color or just enhancing your natural hue with hair highlights or hair lowlights shades.

Hair Color Shades

There are several basic hair colors, and within those natural shades, there is much variation and room for adjustments or changes.

  • Brunette Hair: This is the most common hair color and ranges from a dark sandy color to rich chocolate to a very deep, dark brown.
  • Blonde Hair: Blonde hair is bright and sunny, with shades from rich golden caramel to shimmering gold to a very light, almost white platinum blonde.
  • Black Hair: Truly black hair is lusciously dark but can have undertones of many different hues, including red, brown, or gold.
  • Red Hair: From coppery tones to rich mahogany to elegant auburn, red shades are fiery and fantastic.
  • Gray Hair: As you age, your hair loses its pigmentation and may gradually turn gray or white. Some individuals may also develop salt-and-pepper hair when some is pale and the rest has not yet been affected.

All of these shades can be found naturally, or you may want to use hair dye to create your own pleasing shade. For a truly unique look, some people even choose funky hair colors such as blue, green, or pink hair.

Changing Hues

If you aren't happy with you natural hair color, changing your shade is an easy and dramatic way to freshen up any style without a drastic hair cut. You could opt for blended highlights or lowlights to add texture and depth to your style, or you may want to experiment with a completely new color. Temporary hair color can help you try different shades without the risk of being stuck with a color you don't like.

Your Best Color

Your best hair color is one you feel happy and confident with, whether it is your natural shade, subtle enhancements to your original color, or a radically different hue that feels and looks right to you. With many different hair dye and color options, there is a rainbow of possibilities to explore to find your perfect color.

Hair Color