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Types of Hair Products

Everyone uses some type of hair products, whether you use a simple, inexpensive shampoo, a designer product line, or specialized hair vitamins. Any chemical item you use either on or for your hair is a hair product, including:

Different products have different purposes, from basic care and cleanliness to damage repair, enhancement, style manageability, or medical treatments. Many different products are available in a variety of designer lines, including Pantene, L'Oreal, and Tigi.

The Right Hair Products for You

Choosing the right hair products for your hair care and styling needs depends on the type of hair you have. Consult a salon professional for an evaluation and advice - you may not even know that your hair is overly dry or chemically damaged, for example. Understanding your own hair can help you determine what types of products you should be using, how frequently you need them, and whether or not you should consider higher priced designer brands or if more affordable lines are strong enough to protect your hair. Most people require at least a basic shampoo and ordinary conditioner, but unless you visit a salon regularly you may be unaware of additional needs such as deep conditioning treatments, color-specific product lines, or available medications to treat hair loss or other hair-related conditions.

After you understand the types of products you require, it is best to investigate different options and product lines to find one that not only matches your needs, but also your budget and shopping habits. Some designer products, for example, may only be available at a salon, which may make them more inconvenient than mass market alternatives. On the other hand, even the least expensive products have variations that can affect the appearance and performance of your hair. By carefully examining the hair products available to you and how they are used, you can make the best decisions for healthy, beautiful hair.

Hair Products