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Article Highlight: 23 Best Hair Salons in NYC for Every Style and Service

Whether you need a simple trim or a major makeover, locating the best hair salons in New York City will help you find what you want within your budget, hair type, and neighborhood. Salons range from top-name… Keep reading »

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Finding the right beauty salon can change your life for the better. The right salon will make your visit a pleasant, relaxing experience that leaves you looking and feeling better. Learn how to choose the best salon for your needs and how to cultivate a good relationship with your hairstylist.

Salon Locations

You may not be fortunate enough to be able to visit the top salons in New York City, but chances are good there is a great salon within driving distance to you. The question is, how far are you willing to drive?

Regional Styles

Some locations have popular hair styles that aren't as prevalent elsewhere. A salon in Washington, D.C. may not have to know how to deal with saltwater damage to hair as well as a salon in Los Angeles. A salon in Irvine, California will likely have stylists well-versed in ethnic hair because of the vast diversity in that area. You may think you need to travel to find the best stylists, but you may actually have fantastic hair professionals in your region who can give you a hair cut that will change your life.

Choosing Your Salon

The name of a salon - no matter how clever - won't reveal the quality of the work or the personality of the stylists. No matter how scary it might be to try a stylist for the first time, it's really the only way to know if the stylist is a good fit for you. Does the stylist know how to do impressive things with your hair, like straw curls or clip on hair extensions that don't look fake? Perhaps most importantly, does your stylist make you feel comfortable?

Choosing Your Stylist

Select a stylist who takes the time to listen to you and answer your questions. A stylist who rushes a color consultation won't help a client feel at ease about the coloring process and eventual results. Instead, your stylist should be so knowledgeable and personable that you can't help but want to tip them generously.

Quality Is Important

Barber shops and quick salons like Sports Clips may be fine for those who want rapid haircuts at a low price, but if you want to have your hair styled in an individualized way, you may have to pay a little more. The idea that you get what you pay for is certainly true with beauty salons.

Feel Good About Your Hair

When your hair looks good, you feel as though you can conquer your day confidently. Taking the time and effort to find the best stylist for you at a salon you will enjoy visiting is an investment in your time that is certainly worth it.

Hair and Beauty Salons