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Pictures of sedu hairstyles reveal sleek, contemporary looks that are shiny and luxurious options for medium or long hair. But what is a sedu style, and why is looking at pictures an important step in choosing… Keep reading »

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short shag hairstyle for a round face
Pictures of Hair Styles for Round Faces

Hair style pictures can be great tools for anyone interested in a new look. Experienced stylists can recreate even elaborate 'dos from different photographs, or they can combine several looks into one new style perfect for your face shape, hair characteristics, and lifestyle.

Finding Hairstyle Pictures

There are several places to find suitable pictures of hair styles, including:

  • Online style galleries: Either real or virtual pictures.
  • Hair style magazines: General and ethnic magazines are available.
  • Regular magazines: Any picture of a great hair style - even from an advertisement - can be used.
  • Photos of friends and family: Always get permission to show their picture to your stylist.
  • Hair style books: Usually available in salons.
  • Bridal, prom, and specialty magazines: Many specialty publications feature hair style galleries.

If you're looking for a specific style, there are a few ways to approach your search. Though not every hairstyle magazine will contain the look you're looking for, some focus heavily on a certain category, like celebrity looks or short styles. A quick flip-through of a magazine or a few clicks on a website will give you an idea of whether it's worth it to sit down and scour the pages for that perfect style, or if it's better to move on to the next one. Be sure to check the pages in the back of most of the print magazines, where there are several "average Janes" (non-celebrities) modeling cuts from salons across the country or around the world. The pictures tend to be smaller than the flashy celebrity photos and features generally found near the front, but your perfect hairstyle could be right there. In most cases, the styles here are organized by color or length. You can browse for ideas based on color, length, texture, celebrity styles, trends, and more.

Searching for a certain cut online is simple. If you just want to browse, you can check out online hairstyle guides. If you are looking for a specific celebrity's style or a general idea, like "wavy medium length styles," you can type it into the search engine and then click "Images" on the side. Print out what you like and take it to the salon.

Choosing a Style from Pictures

You may examine hundreds of hair style pictures before finding the perfect look, but it is important to remember that no matter how great it looks on the model, it may not look the same on you. While you can get general ideas and inspiration from photographs, be sure to take your stylist's recommendations into consideration before deciding on a new look: different face shapes, skin tones, and hair textures all affect the final look of a hair style. The best tactic is to select several hair style pictures of similar looks and discuss which aspects of each you like the most. Then your stylist can combine them into a stunning style just for you.

Hairstyle Pictures