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Hair Style Considerations

Men and women alike want attractive hair styles that accent their best features. From long hair to curly hair to everything in between, an appropriate style can turn lifeless locks into a stunning do. Not every hair style will work for everyone, however, and you should consider a number of factors before radically changing your look, including:

  • The shape of your face: Whether you want layers, a bob, a new color, or just a new style, it should match your face's shape to avoid an unbalanced or disproportionate appearance.
  • The type of hair you have: Thin, straight hair will not work the same in different hair styles as thick, wavy hair, and some styles are not manageable for different types of hair.
  • The work you want to put into the style daily: If you don't want to use many products such as gel, mousse, or spray, you may want to consider an easy maintenance look.

Choosing Your New Look

Once you've considered the factors that will affect your style, you should investigate different options to choose your new look. Consult a stylist at your salon before the first cut to get their educated opinion about whether it may work for you. Look at photos to examine many different styles that you may not see regularly, and consider celebrity styles for contemporary favorites. Ask your significant other, family members, and friends for their opinions about attractive styles that may work for you.

Maintaining Your Style

Once you've taken the plunge to a new hairdo, proper maintenance is essential. Use the appropriate shampoo to keep the style looking its best, and visit the salon regularly for trims. No matter how simple or complicated, caring for your hair properly is part of what can keep a great style looking its best.

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