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hair styling equipment

Trying new hair styles can be fund and make you feel great, whether you are 15 or 50. However, it's not always easy to know what hair styling equipment you need and how to use it. The right tips can help you get a beautiful hair style every time.

Essential Hair Styling Equipment

Whether you are just starting out and experimenting with hair styling or you are transitioning to different styling methods after a recent hair cut, having the essential hair styling equipment can help you create versatile hair styles for all your needs, from school or work to special occasions. The following items are important to have in most hair styling arsenals; however, keep in mind that you should tailor these suggestions should be tailored to your specific circumstances. If you normally wear a wash-and-go style, you may not need all of these items. If you love to change up your style and are constantly trying new looks, you may want to add even more items than what is listed here.

Basic Hair Care and Taming

For basic hair care, you will need items to help you work though tangles and keep hair style beautifully. This includes:

  • Basic or detangling comb - Combing is the minimum you need for a tidy look
  • Detangling hair brush - helps keep hair tangle -free; it's also good to have a small purse version
  • Paddle brush - helps keep hair smooth and tangle free during blow drying
  • Round brush - Helps create styles with a blow dryer
  • Rat-tail comb - Needed to separate sections of hair for more creative styles
  • Pick comb - Great for curly hair
  • Fine tooth comb - good for fine hair to eliminate tangles and add volume when styling
  • Natural boar -bristle brush - These tend to be a bot more expensive, but are especially good for sensitive hair.
  • Hair trimmers - Trimmers for nose hair or tools for other unwanted hair on the eyebrows or upper lip are also good to have on hand.

Curling and Flat Irons

Curling irons and flat irons can help you achieve an incredible range of styles. You may want to invest in an iron that has multiple barrel sizes for one iron or curling irons in several carrel sizes for the most versatility. Curling irons can also help you create curly styles and special occasion looks, as well as waves and flippy ends. Flat irons can help you get smooth, straight, perfectly sleek hair, but you can also use them to create cute looks like waves and flipped up ends. This is an essential tool for most women to own. There are numerous verisions available, including ceramic curling irons and flat irons, that can cause less damage to the hair. Velcro rollers and hot rollers are not as common today as curling and flat irons, but they are still available as an alternative to irons.

Woman uses a curling iron on her hair as she looks at her reflection in the mirror

Blow Dryers

Most women require a blow dryer for their hair styling needs. Using a blow dryer can help you get more volume, smooth and tame your locks, or create waves or casually messy looks (as well as doing the basic job of drying your hair after your shower). The exception might be if a woman has extremely fine, thin hair that dries quickly after washing. Investing in a high quality hair dryer is often better on your hair as higher-end brands can have technologies that are less damaging. You may also have more heat settings to choose from. A diffuser can help you create addition looks and keep hair tamed.

Hair Accessories

Whether you love pretty feminine hair accessories like bows, or you like basics like bobby pins and simple barrettes, having a variety of accessories can help you achieve the styles you want. The accessories you purchase will depend on your hair length and style preferences, however, basic accessories include:

  • Bobby pins - You can achieve anything from simple pinned-up sides to intricate updos with the help of bobby pins.
  • Head bands - These wonder workers can help reign hair in on a bad hair day or just add a pretty accent to an already perfect style.
  • Barrettes - These come in a variety of styles and sizes, and can be used to pull hair back, put it to the side, put it up at both sides, or just add an accent.
  • Elastic hair ties - These come in many different forms as well, from 80s-style scrunchies to simple black elastics. The most important element of a hair tie or hair elastic is that it does not pull and damage hair. Look for brands that say that do not cause hair damage.
  • Embellishment - Decorative hair items can really add to your style. Jeweled combs or clips, feathers, tinsel, sea shells and much more can help elevate your hair style. You might even want to use DIY accessories, like Duct Tape hair bows.

Equipment for Home Coloring

If you choose to color you hair at home rather than the salon, make sure you are armed with plenty of information on how to do it, including the equipment you need, Basic hair coloring equipment includes:

  • Gloves
  • Plastic mixing bowl(s)
  • Hair dye application brush (for highlights and sectioning)
  • Bottle applicator (for all-over color)
  • Lightweight hair foils if highlighting or low lighting
  • Rat-tail comb to help with sectioning
Woman dyeing her hair

Cutting Equipment

In most cases it is recommended to get your hair cut at a salon, but if you do attempt it at home, you'll need:

  • Hair cape to place around your shoulders
  • Sharp, professional-grade hair cutting scissors
  • Water bottle to mist hair before cutting
  • Comb (a rat-tail comb can help with sectioning hair)
  • Hair clippers for short women's hair cuts or men's hair cuts

Beautiful Hair for an Incredible You

Your hair style makes a big impact on how you look and feel. Boost your confidence by discovering more about what hair styling equipment is right for you and your style. Once you know what works for you, you can experiment with different looks, tools, and methods to make sure your is amazing every time.

Hair Styling Equipment