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Men have many stylish options for attractive and personalized hair styles. Today, men's hair cuts can be long, medium, or short, and any style from classic to alternative. Find inspiration for the hairstyle that fits your unique needs and personality.

Choosing the Right Men's Hair Styles

Many factors should go into your choice of a stylish cut. Before picking a hair style, consider a few of the factors below. It's best to look at pictures of men's hair styles to get inspiration and ideas.

Care and Styling Time

Easy care hair styles are best for guys on the go, while a man with more time to spend on his appearance may be interested in a style that requires more dedicated care to be styled appropriately.

Face Shape

Finding the right hairstyle for your shape of face is a critical step for a great look, especially since many men's hair styles are cropped more closely to the head.

Career or Job Requirements

Some businesses and employers have grooming guidelines that include hair style requirements or limitations, through alternative styles at becoming increasingly acceptable. Men should follow their place of employment guidelines to present the required or professional appearance. Career hair photos can help you choose.

Facial Hair

A man who wears a beard or mustache must also consider how his hair style blends with his facial hair. Consider different beard styles, and learn the best ways to grow out your beard if you are switching looks.

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Personal Style

Above all, men's hair styles can be just as individualized as women's hair styles. Always choose a hair cut that reflects your personal flair. From boys' cuts to teenagers' styles to looks for older men, personal style should always be a consideration.

Types of Hair Styles for Men

Whether your tastes lean more towards traditional looks, or you love to get creative with innovative and hot, modern styles, there are plenty of options.

Classic Styles

If you need something conservative due to your career, or like classic cuts, consider the following. These timeless classics will never go out of style.

  • Simple Buzz Cut: This all-over short style features short hair cut close to the head with clippers, but it's not completely shorn like a shaved head style. It's a basic look that works well for many guys, especially for those who don't have much time for daily styling. It's easy to care for and works well for medium to thick hair.
  • Crew Cut: The classic crew cut is considered a military-style cut, and features hair that is very short at the sides and back, and slightly longer at the top. The length of the top can vary - some guys choose to make it a bit longer for more styling options, and some prefer for front to be longer to create a very slight pomp. This is another easy-care style.
  • Medium Length Classic: Medium length classic looks are long enough to style in traditional ways, but still shorter than a lot of modern men's cuts. Popular traditional styling options for medium-length hair include completely slicked back or parted on the side, combed over, and help in place with a moderate to high hold styling product.
  • Pompadour: A traditional look that has fallen back into style in many ways, the classic pomp is usually done with medium to long hair that is cut shorter on the slides and is the longest in the front. It is styled up and back with a slight swoop, away from the forehead.
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  • Cropped Styles: Closely cropped styles are not as short as buzz cuts, but are still a short style that is cut closely all over to the shape of the man's head. Cropped styles are another option for men with minimal styling time and have an elegant, European look.

Modern Hair for Men

From short to long, there are tons of looks for men who want a contemporary style.

  • Faded and Tapered Styles: There are tons of ways to get creative with faded, tapered, and undercut hair looks for men. These are done with the hair shaved or cut close to the head and gradually get longer towards the top. The length of the type can vary from short versions close to crew cuts to very long styles that with variable lengths.
  • Spiked Hair: Spiked hair is a creative look for guys that can be subtle or more bold. Anything from a short, all over spiked style to a high mohawk can be seen on guys today. Keep in mind that you'll need to practice the styling you want and use moderate to high hold hair products depending on the look you are going for.
  • Quiff Cut: A quiff look is a toned-down version on the pompadour that many modern guys like. It has less dramatic pomp in the front but is still longer on top that the rest of the hair and styled so it comes back away from the forehead. You can get away with light to medium hold products for many quiff cuts.
  • Long Styles: Many guys prefer a long contemporary look that falls to their shoulders or beyond. These can be left long and natural and parted on the side or middle of the hair. They can also be more controlled by styles such as low ponytails, low or high male buns, or top knots.
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Get Your Best Look

Choose the best look for you based on your needs and personal style preferences. Whether you need a polished, executive men's hair style, want a retro 1950s flat top, or want to try highlights or an alternative men's hair style, there are plenty of options for modern guys looking for a cool hair cut or a new look.

Men's Hairstyles