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Hair is a versatile form of self-expression. The right cut and style can suit your mood, personality, and preferences. These days, there are many popular hairstyles for men, including the undercut. This look… Keep reading »

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Hot Hair Styles for Guys

Men have many stylish options for attractive and personalized hair styles. Today, men's hair cuts can be long or short, classic or alternative. Finding inspiration for your perfect style can be a challenge, however, and LoveToKnow Hair is here to help.

Choosing Men's Hair Styles

Many factors should go into your choice of a stylish cut. Before picking a hair style, consider:

  • Care: Easy care hair styles are best for guys on the go, while a man with more time to spend on his appearance may be interested in a style that requires more dedicated care to be styled appropriately.
  • Face Shape: Finding the right hairstyle for your shape of face is a critical step for a great look, especially since many men's hair styles are cropped more closely to the head.
  • Career: Many businesses and employers have grooming guidelines that include hair style requirements. Career hair styles for men should follow those guidelines to present a professional appearance.
  • Facial Hair: A man who wears a beard or mustache must also consider how his hair style blends with his facial hair.
  • Personal Style: Above all, men's hair styles can be just as individualized as women's hair styles. Always choose a hair cut that reflects your personal flair.

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Men's Hair Styles