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Special occasions call for special hair.
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Whether it is for a wedding, prom, homecoming, party, or holiday, special occasion hair styles have that extra flair and beauty to make any look extraordinary.

Types of Special Occasion Hair

There are many different types of special occasion hair styles, including:

  • Updos: Updo styles, from chic French twists to curly updos to modern buns, are some of the most popular options for special occasions. With grace and beauty, these styles can highlight a special wardrobe, elegant jewelry, dramatic makeup, and any woman's unique flair.
  • New Color: Getting a new hair color for a special occasion is a great way to accentuate the beauty of your hair style. From hair highlights to hair lowlights shades, there are many ways to add a touch of special color to a special look.
  • Accessories: Even a simple hair style can be special with the right hair accessories. Clips, pins, barrettes, and other accents can add a splash of color or a bit of glitter to special occasion hair.

Choosing Your Special Style

When choosing your hair style for a special occasion, consider…

  • Formality: A casual holiday party and a black tie wedding are two very different events. An informal messy updo may be great for the holiday party, while a sleek chignon is a better choice for a more formal event.
  • Ease: If you plan on styling special occasion hair yourself, choose a look that you can make beautiful without struggling. The style should also be easy to maintain during the evening, whether while dancing, dining, or just relaxing with friends.
  • Cost: Salon hair styles can cost from $25 to $80 or higher, not including cuts, color, or other accents. When choosing a hair style for a special event, keep you beauty budget in mind.
  • Appropriateness: Not only should the hair style be appropriate for the event, but it should also be appropriate for you. If you've never worn an updo before and aren't comfortable with the look, investigate other styles such as braids, layers, or adding flair to your everyday look so you can be beautiful, comfortable, and confident.

A special occasion calls for a special hair style, and LoveToKnow Hair has all the latest styles and trends to make your event an outstanding opportunity to show off your beautiful locks.

Special Occasion Hair