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Celebrity Hair Color

Rebecca Wiseman

Gorgeous Celebrity Hair Color Inspiration

When women decide to change their hair, most turn to styles and colors that celebrities are wearing. A trip to the salon is one way to go. However, for the brave souls, many of these colors are easy to do yourself.

Katy Perry's natural black locks are the easiest color choice to replicate. It does not matter whether you start with dark hair or light hair, although lighter hair will process faster with black. It is best to use a semi-permanent hair color such as Clairol Natural Instincts to achieve this brilliant black color. If you decide that you don't like it, you're stuck with it if you use a permanent color. Trying to lift and lighten black hair color will do serious damage to your hair.

Sharon Osbourne's Vibrant Burgundy

Sharon Osbourne wears a vibrant shade of burgundy, which is more plum than red. While it is easier to achieve this color on hair that is dark brown or almost black, it is not impossible to get this color on lighter hair.

To achieve this color with darker hair, apply L'Oreal Paris Feria Intense Medium Violet hair color all over your hair. Note the shade selections on the side of the packaging to see where your beginning color and end result will fall.

If you start with lighter hair, you will want to use a color that has more auburn to it. Otherwise, you may end up with purple hair instead of burgundy.

Queen Latifah's Beautiful Dark Caramel

Queen Latifah usually wears beautiful shades of brown in her hair. If you feel brave enough to do highlights yourself, this is an easy color choice to achieve at home.

  • Start with applying a base color of 5G or a light golden brown color. Keep in mind that box colors are not made to lighten hair unless the box says it will (as some blonde shades will).
  • Highlight with a bleach like Clairol Kaleidocolors Neutral Powder Lightener. It should be mixed with a 20 volume peroxide developer. While it is best to work the highlights at the same time in a foiling technique, you can also do them after the base color is done. If you have fine or dry hair, it is best to wait a few days.
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner after this process as it can be drying to your hair.

Mila Kunis' Cool and Classy Brunette

Mila Kunis' ash brown hair color is another easy at-home hair color. If you are unsure, start with a semi-permanent color. To achieve this medium ash brown with caramel highlights:

  • Begin with an allover color such as Clairol Perfect 10 Nice 'n Easy 5A hair color.
  • Wash and dry hair.
  • For the caramel highlights through the ends of the hair (because box color cannot lighten hair) you will have to use a powder bleach mixed with 20 volume peroxide developer.
  • Spread it on a wide tooth comb and comb the bleach through the ends of your hair. Watch the ends so they do not go too light. Once lightened to where you want it, wash it out thoroughly. Voila! Balayage!

Gwen Stefani's Platinum

Platinum hair color can damage your hair, especially if you are starting with brown hair. It is not recommended for at-home hair color because it takes such a strong bleach to lighten darker hair. If your hair is not a natural shade of blonde, this color is best left to your hair stylist.

If you are a natural blonde, you can use a product like L'Oreal Paris Feria Absolute Platinum hair color to achieve the lightest blonde possible. If you choose to color the ends black as shown here, use a temporary or semi-permanent color, unless you are comfortable with cutting your hair if you don't like it.

Debra Messing's Auburn Red

Debra Messing's beautiful auburn hair is something many women envy. Red hair is a common choice for change among women who have a peachy or warm skin tone. This look is easy to achieve with at-home hair color for those with blonde or light brown hair.

While you can use semi-permanent hair color to get this look, it may not have the dimension of color that permanent hair color will offer. For a beautiful shade of coppery auburn, try Garnier Olia hair color in light natural auburn. The lighter your beginning color is the more copper the end result will have instead of auburn.

Jennifer Lopez's Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights like JLo's are difficult to do and best done by a hair stylist or colorist. However, if you are brave enough to do them yourself and have medium brown hair, you can achieve this look on your own using L'Oreal Paris Frost & Design Kit in caramel. It is a time consuming color, but you can achieve it with the following tips:

  • Use a comb to apply the caramel hair color to your brown hair. Do not take the color all the way to the roots. Keep the color from mid-shaft to the ends. This should not be a solid coloring, but rather streaks that will show among the brown and blonde when finished.
  • Process the caramel color as manufacturer's directions recommend.
  • Wash and dry hair.
  • Place the cap on your head and pull small pieces of hair through using the pick.
  • Apply the bleaching mixture only to the ends that were pulled through the cap. Process according to directions.
  • Wash, dry and style your hair.

Sherri Shepherd's Chestnut Tresses

Sherri Shepherd's lovely chestnut brown hair can be achieved if your hair is a darker brown. If you hair is black, the end result will be darker rather than lighter. To achieve this color, you can use a product like Dark and Lovely Fade Resistant Chestnut Blonde permanent hair color. Process the color according to manufacturer's directions.

Kate Middleton's Sun Kissed Chocolate Brown

Kate Middleton's natural sun kissed chocolate brown hair is easy for the do-it-yourself colorist to achieve at home. If you are a dark blonde to medium brown before coloring, try John Frieda's Precision Foam Colour Brilliant Brunette 5PBN Medium Cool Hazelnut Brown. It is a single application all-over color that offers deep color saturation of this brown provides salon quality color.

Carrie Underwood's Dark Blonde with Highlights

Carrie Underwood's natural dark blonde hair is accented with pale blonde highlights. This is a color job that is best left to a professional colorist to achieve the most natural look. If you choose to highlight your hair at home, it is best to use a cap or have a friend help with foils.

For this color choice, all you need is bleach powder and developer or a highlighting kit. Process as instructed by the package directions.

Nicole Kidman's Highlighted Strawberry

Nicole Kidman is a natural strawberry blonde. Here she has heavy pale blonde highlights throughout leaving her with a pale golden blonde color. If you have natural strawberry blonde or very light auburn hair, you can achieve this look by adding heavy highlights.

For the at-home colorist, your best option would be to purchase a highlighting kit at your local department or drug store and use the cap technique so the highlights are thin but heavy. Process the bleach per manufacturer's directions and be sure to thoroughly wash and rinse your hair.

Drew Barrymore's Golden Blonde

Drew Barrymore's natural light brown hair lends just the right touch of depth to heavy golden blonde highlights. For the at-home colorist, there are multi-dimensional hair colors that can give a similar result with one box instead of hours of work.

If you do not already have a dark blonde hair color, try Schwarzkopf Color Ultime in 7.0 Dark Blonde. If this does not give as many blonde highlights as you want, you can add them in with a chunky application using a highlighting kit or bleach powder and developer.

Beyonce's Honey Hues

Beyonce's honey hair color is replicated by many celebrities. It is a long process in a salon and can be damaging to the hair. If honey colored tresses are what you desire, try Creme of Nature Lightest Blonde hair color.

While lightening dark hair to this level of blonde is very damaging, Creme of Nature offsets the moisture loss by formulating the color with mango and shea butters leaving you with beautiful blonde hair with a radiant shine.

Emma Watson's Warmth

Emma Watson wears caramel blonde like no other. It looks natural on her though it is a few shades lighter than her natural color. Here it is lightly streaked with pale honey blonde highlights.

Whether you opt for adding the wisps of highlights or not, try John Frieda's Precision Foam Colour 7NBG Dark Caramel Blonde. This is an all-over color that works best on medium blonde to light brown hair. If you decide to add the highlights, consider combing wisps of bleach on the hair using a wide tooth comb from mid-shaft to the ends.

Regardless of whose hair you love, you need to know whether or not that hair color is right for you. If you have a cool skin tone, a hair color that is warm will not look good on you and vice versa. Cool hair colors do not favor warm skin tones. It is all about balance and bringing out the glamorous star you are.

Rebecca Wiseman
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