Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can be expensive.

Laser treatments are a popular method of hair removal, but the cost of laser hair removal may be prohibitive for some individuals. Understanding what affects the price and how costs vary can help interested clients decide if this trendy treatment is right for them.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Many factors affect the final price of laser hair removal treatments. Just as everyone's hair is different (regardless of where it is on their body), so too people's hair removal needs are different. Because of this, the cost of similar treatments between two individuals can vary widely.

Factors that frequently affect the cost of laser hair removal include:

  • Size of Area: Larger areas, such as full legs or back, are naturally more expensive than smaller areas such as eyebrows or the upper lip.
  • Hair Density: The more hair an individual needs removed in one area, the more treatments will be required for full removal, therefore increasing the cost.
  • Hair Texture: Very coarse hair is more difficult to remove and may require multiple treatments.
  • Hair Growth Pattern: Smooth, uniform hair will be easier and cheaper to remove than hair that has an erratic pattern.
  • Skin Type: Different skin tones are more difficult to treat with lasers (darker skin is typically more expensive to treat) and may require additional treatments for complete hair removal.
  • Skin Condition: Sensitive skin or skin with scars, ingrown hairs, or other problems may need special expertise to treat properly.

How Much Removal Will I Need?


While hair and skin factors do affect the cost of laser hair removal, the biggest factor is how many treatments will be required for complete removal. On average, six different sessions are required for thorough, smooth results, though coarse, thick hair may require more treatments and fine, thin hair may be effectively removed more quickly. Most laser hair specialists charge clients on a per-session basis, so the fewer treatments that are required, the lower the cost will be.

Average Costs for Different Body Areas

Different laser hair removal centers base their costs on different methods, such as:

  • Flat Fees: These fees apply to every client, regardless of their individual needs. While this may be a savings for someone with difficult-to-remove hair, a client who needs fewer sessions or less treatment may find a better price with a more individualized payment method.
  • Per Minute Fees: These fees are based on how long the laser will be used, typically in time blocks of 10-15 minutes each. Different parts of the body require different session lengths - the upper lip or chin, for example, may require 15 minute sessions, while legs may take an hour or more depending on the efficiency of the technician.
  • Per Pulse Fees: These fees are based on the operation of the laser and are similar to per minute fees in that different parts of the body require a different number of pulses for effective treatments. This type of fee structure is likely to benefit someone with light hair or who needs hair removed in patches where the laser will not be pulsed as frequently.

Regardless of the precise cost calculation method, the average costs for areas of the body most commonly treated with lasers are as follows:

  • Upper lip or chin: $40-75
  • Armpits: $60-80
  • Bikini area: $100-150
  • Eyebrows: $50-75
  • Full legs: $300-500

Note: Price ranges are for a single session assuming average hair texture and skin tone. Depending on individual needs, 4-6 sessions may be required for full hair removal.

Paying for Laser Hair Removal

The cost of laser hair removal can quickly add up, but in the long run, it can be a savings. Eyebrow waxing or bikini waxing can easily cost $50-100 or more each time, and over the years those costs escalate whereas permanent hair removal with lasers should not need major repetitions. Many laser hair removal centers accept major credit cards and they frequently offer promotions, such as buy-five-get-one-free sessions or prepayment discounts. Free consultations are always provided and experienced technicians and specialists help potential clients calculate the costs for their specific needs. In some cases, interest-free financing may also be available.

In an era when society is becoming increasingly focused on beauty, the cost of laser hair removal is still no small factor for many interested clients. By knowing what factors affect the cost and what type of treatments they should anticipate, individuals can plan for this expense with minimal hassle or hardship.

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