Cropped Hair Styles

Flaunt a playful pixie.

Very few haircuts can project the same level of confidence and playfulness as cropped hair styles.

Gals who flaunt cropped styles know that less can be more, and they certainly love the thrill of simplistic, wash and go versatility. If you're considering one of the many short hair styles, take a look at what may work best for your styling needs and your individual hair type before making the crop.

Popular Cropped Hair Styles

Although women have been wearing cropped hairstyles for years, the following cuts never go in or out of trend. If you decide you're ready to make the snip, you may choose one of these classic styles and modify it for your desired look and hair type. Your stylist can help you decide which will work best for your facial features and your commitment to styling time.


Although the bob haircut can be several different lengths, a choppy Bob is a playful and easy to wear style that is softened by razored edges and wispy layers. A bob can also make way for a more drastic cut down the road. If you have medium to long hair and want to go short, why not start with a bob and brave a pixie down the road? A bob lends a sophisticated vibe to cropped hairstyles. When paired with an edgy bang, a bob can even go from innocent to wicked!


If you have lots of natural curl, yet long for a cropped style, a stacked haircut will help tame your curl and minimize volume. A stacked style can also accentuate features such as a graceful, lean neck or high, chiseled cheekbones. With techniques such as a thinning shears or scissor over comb, a stacked cut can blend impeccably to the rest of the shape without telltale scissor lines.

Boy Cut

The feminine take on a boy cut is more commonly known as a pixie crop. The perky pixie cut can flatter a variety of facial shapes and works on many hair types. For gals that are ready for the most drastic of cropped styles, a pixie is the best choice and can be very feminine. To get the most out of this playful cut, ask your stylist for razored ends, which will add texture and give you something to work with when you separate the shape with products such as a molding paste or a styling crème.


Coloring a Crop

If you're a hair color addict, consider the difference cropped hair styles may have on your coloring options prior to making the snip. Foil highlights and weaves are much harder for a stylist to apply with little hair to work with. The best solution for cropped color is an allover hair color or a monthly scalp touchup. For additional dimension, lowlights or highlights may be painted on freehand.

The Buzz Worthy Cut

Buzzed haircuts are yet another cropped hair option if you seek a dramatic look. Buzzed cuts make sense if you are tired of daily styling, or are going through medical treatments that affect the integrity or the growth of your hair. Many women have sported a buzz cut with plenty of confidence, so fear not this drastic cut if you desire the overall outcome. With the right clothing and accessories, a buzz can be fabulous and flattering.

Barber Cuts

Although you may feel right at home in your stylist's chair, don't discount a barber's talent if you decide on going short. Many gals have popped into barbershops and have come out with a cropped look that is graduated and blended to perfection. Barbers know short hair, and most have been practicing scissor over comb techniques for years. With the recent trend in barber shops, finding a hip shop shouldn't take much effort. Barbers generally charge less for their cuts, and walk in service is almost guaranteed!

Cropped hair styles can be fun, flirty, and fantastic. Choose a style you are comfortable and confident with, and enjoy the flair your short style can have!

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