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Gallery of Curly Hair Looks

There are many cute and attractive curly hair looks you can try, whether you have natural curls or require time with a set of hot rollers or a curling iron.

Curls come in different sizes and styles, and you can always try different looks to find just the right curls for whatever hair style you like best.

Voluptuous Volume

Curls add volume to hair and if you have tight, tiny, natural curls, you can flaunt that volume with a natural hair style.

Wash and dry your hair as normal, but let it fluff out as it dries and use a hair pick to manage your curls without destroying the volume.

If needed, you can use a sturdy barrette to pin back one or both sides of your hair for extra control.

Smooth Part

A great look for curls is to smooth or straighten the top few inches of your hair from the crown of your head but leave the rest of your hair curly.

This gives your hair some instant extra length but does not remove your curls entirely.

If you prefer to leave your hair loose, choose a center part so your curls are balanced, or you can put your curls into ponytails or pigtails with a smooth crown.

I Do Updo

The classic "I do" updo is one of the most popular wedding hairstyles, and it is also suitable for other formal events such as prom or homecoming.

In this look, curls are pinned up at the back of the head while a smooth section of bangs swoops across the forehead. Hair pins, a tiara, or crystal clips are popular accessories to add glitz to this type of curly style.

Vintage Updo

Retro looks are chic and sophisticated, and a vintage curly updo has waves sculpted flat across the crown of the head but leaves the back curls slightly pinned up for volume and bounce.

One or two thin tendrils can frame the face or be left dangling around the neck for extra flair.

Tropical Curls

Loose, thick curls are perfect for a tropical look, whether the style is for a beach wedding, a Caribbean getaway, or just a fun luau or day at the beach.

Leave your curls loose for this look, but pin back one side of your hair with a tropical flower for an exotic, sexy touch.

Very Short Styles

A very short curly style is perfect for someone with naturally tight, tiny curls. This type of cropped look works well if you have difficulty managing your curls, or if they're delicate and break easily when long.

Many African American women prefer these short curly hair looks for ease and chic style.

Pin Curls

If you have big, bold curls, a pin curl look can be fun to try.

Sweep your hair up to the back of your head and hold it in place with a comb, then pin individual curls into place across the crown of your head for a tousled look with vintage flair.

Simple Accessories

Curly hair has vibrancy and personality, and overdoing your hair accessories can detract from your style.

Instead, opt for thin, easy accessories such as simple clips, a delicate headband, or hair pins.

Small jeweled tiaras, for example, are perfect for brides with long, curly hair.

Curly Color

Adding a touch of color to your curls will give your look more dimension without any hassle.

Standard hair highlights can look out of place in curly hair, however, but coloring the ends of your locks is a great way to lighten your hair and draw attention to its body.

Coloring just the ends of your hair is also a less expensive option, since you will not need color touch ups as frequently.

Curly Ponytails

Ponytails can be an elegant option for curly hair for any special occasion, including prom, homecoming, or a romantic date.

For this look, pull your hair back and secure it with an elastic low at the nape of your neck, but don't pull the hair too tight.

Instead, leave a bit of volume at your forehead to help frame your face with subtle waves.

Depending on the strength of your curls, it may be best to use multiple elastics for better control.

Medium Hair Lengths

Medium hair is a great length for curls because it lets your hair frame your face with ringlets.

An offset part can keep your volume under control, and straightening your bangs can also give your hair more manageability at a shorter length.

Punk Curls

Curls can be an edgy, punk look if you take advantage of your texture with great volume.

Add distinction to punk curly hair looks by braiding or cornrowing sections of hair, and use mousse or hair spray to help keep your hair unruly instead of smoothing it into a more defined style.

Messy Ponytails

A quick, messy ponytail is perfect for working out at the gym, playing sports, doing housework, or just running quick errands.

To keep your curls intact, however, choose smooth elastics that won't snag and snarl your hair.

Snarls lead to breaks and split ends, which can make your curls frizzy and unmanageable.

Cap It Off

Hats are a great accessory for women with curly hair. A hat can be a stylish fashion statement, and it can also help keep your curls under control by reducing their volume and holding them in place.

When wearing a tight-fitting hat, however, be sure your hair is in a good position before you put the hat on so you still have bangs to frame your face and your hair is balanced with the proportions of the hat.

Go Loose

Letting your hair loose is an easy style for curls.

Many African American women wear their curls naturally loose, and minimal styling products are necessary to keep your locks looking great, though you may want to use an anti-frizz curl enhancer to be sure your curls keep their shape without getting out of control.

Pinned Back

Pinning your curls back will help keep them out of your face without losing their volume and style.

For this type of look, use a wide toothed comb to smooth your hair back along the sides before inserting a comb or clips to keep it back.

A quick spritz of hair spray can also help keep this style manageable.

Enjoy Your Curls!

Whether your curls are large or small, long or short, you have many fun and fantastic curly hair looks to choose from.

Experiment with different styles and find the best curly look you can, and flaunt your curls with confidence!

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