Curly Updos

Show off your curls with an updo.

Nothing looks quite as unfussy and sexy as curly updos. If you're blessed with natural ringlets or wavy locks, show off your feminine side with upswept curls.

Creating Curly Updos

No matter the runway trend, curly hair has staying power for the sheer fact that it's unique and can be morphed into a wide range of styles. Unlike fine or straight hair that often carries the burden of zero lift, curly hair is filled with character, volume, and charisma. Whether you are unleashing or taming your fearless locks, curly styles are one way to show off your hair's wild and wicked ways. Go ahead and get curly!

Curly Buns

Curly hair gals look great with a simplistic bun. A bun is an uncomplicated style that shows off the underlying texture of the hair while creating a sophisticated yet timeless silhouette. Zigzag curls create a ton of interest and it's easy for a simple bun to take a look from romantic, to sexy, to undeniably feminine. Here's how to create this updos option:

  • Shampoo and air dry hair or dry on low heat with a diffuser
  • Scrunch hair as it dries, and lightly work in a styling cream to maintain curl and reduce frizz
  • When hair is dry, grab hair into a ponytail and twist upwards
  • Take the long twisted section and begin to twist it around itself, in a circle, mimicking a donut

Romantic Tendrils

Romantic tendrils are another effortless updo style for curly hair. Although the style varies, the basic premise of tendrils is to pull an artistic amount of locks out of the secured style and allow them to cascade effortlessly around the face, while softly brushing the shoulders. Romantic tendrils are wedding updos and are also suitable for a teen's Homecoming updo or prom hair updo.

  • To create tendrils, style hair in the desired updo, whether that be a bun, a ponytail, or a fresh twist
  • Using a rattail comb, gently pull small sections out of the secured style and allow them to frame the face randomly
  • Add definition and separation to the pieces with a finishing cream

Curly Ponytails

Curly ponytails are a playful way to style your hair with minimal effort. To create a ponytail full of volume and springy curls, follow these steps:

  • Shampoo and air dry hair, or work with a diffuser as previously suggested
  • Scrunch hair and work a curl enhancing gel through the ends
  • Once dry, pull hair to the back of the head and lift as high as desired, the more height, the more volume and spring
  • Secure with a fabric covered rubber band
  • Finish ponytail with a shine serum to add sheen and tame frizz

Design Ideas

Many of the most popular formal styles can be accommodated for gals who desire curly updos. If need be, heated styling tools such as curling irons and hot rollers can be used to redirect the curl or rejuvenate limp locks. If a certain style calls for a sleek silhouette, a straightening iron is sure to do the job when paired with a styling product such as a smoothing balm or serum. To get the best effect, always make sure updos are styled on dry hair. Rather than blow dry curls, allow them to dry naturally and scrunch them with a light gel. If you need to blow dry the hair rather than air dry, it's crucial the heat setting is kept on cool at a low speed. This will prevent frizz and volume by locking in shine and keeping ringlets shaped.

Curly hair has so much personality, it's a joy to work with. If you're considering curly updos, let your locks run wild and take the time to find a style that accentuates their natural pattern.

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