Cute Fall Hairdos

Fall Hair Styles

There are many cute fall hairdos to choose from if you want a new look for a new season. Just as the leaves are changing, you can change your look to add more personal flair and fun to your style. From long hair to short locks to different hair colors, there is a fun fall look perfect for you.

Whatever style you choose, be sure your fall hair style will match the necessary fall accessories: hats and scarves are popular in chilly fall weather, and they always look great with tousled curls.

Fall Color

Fall leaves come in a brilliant range of colors, and adding some fall color to your hair is a fun way to spice up your style. A rich red hair color is perfect for the season, or choose more subtle caramel or amber tones if you want an all over color change.


If you're active in fall sports or just love being outdoors to enjoy the season, a simple and practical style such as a ponytail is perfect for you. A high ponytail is a flirty, fun look, and you can easily add cute accessories such as fall themed clips or ponytail holders.

Fall Highlights

If you want a new hair color for fall but don't want an overall color change, opt for rich hair highlights instead. Multi-colored highlights with shades of blonde, red, and brunette will take advantage of the beautiful fall palette to give your hair seasonal sparkle.

Edgy Bob

A sharp, trendy look that is cute for fall is the edgy bob. Tapered edges that frame your face will draw attention to your eyes, and subtle layers will thin out your hair's bulk and give it plenty of movement in brisk fall breezes.

Classic Bob

The classic bob is always a cute look that combines traditional styles with personal flair depending on how you wear it. The length can vary, but longer bobs that skim the neck are popular in fall, and sideswept bangs add elegance to the look.

Razored Style

If you want to tame your thick hair for fall, choose blunt, razored layers to thin out the hair and give it plenty of bounce and movement. Simple peek-a-boo highlights can also be a cute surprise when they peek out from darker hair.

Hair Lowlights

If you've gone all summer with a bright, sun-kissed look, fall may be the time to add some hair lowlights shades to tone down your color. Rich, dark hues are popular in the fall, and layering them under brighter hair is a cute and trendy look that gives this hair color a modern edge.

Flip Style

A short hair flip is fun and cute for fall. Root boost spray can help keep the volume in the lowest layers of your hair, showing off the flippy ends. Bangs are a great look with this hair style as well, whether you opt for blunt bangs or a mild side sweep.

Styles With Bangs

Bangs are great with fall hairdos because they frame your face and help draw attention to your eyes. Blunt bangs should just skim the eyebrows, or you can opt for longer side swept bangs for a more dramatic look. If you've never had bangs before, try thin, wispy bangs that won't be as much of a shock.

Bright Blonde

If you prefer blonde hair, opt for a bright platinum shade to stand out in fall. A dramatic long style with razored bangs will show off your cute hair color without creating too much attention.

Caramel Color

If you have naturally light hair, adding caramel hair color chunks or highlights can give your locks a fun fall hue. For a more subtle look, consider adding multi-tone highlights that blend in to your base color within just one or two shades.

Medium Shag

Shag hair styles are always popular, and they're a cute look for fall when you don't want to be too sleek or slick. A slightly tousled shag matches the energy of the season and is easy to care for if you're busy with fall activities.

Fall Brides

A classic updo is perfect for fall brides, homecoming, or any special occasion in autumn. Keep the style a bit loose for a more casual look, and consider cute accessories to add sparkle and flair.

Fun With Fall

There are many options for fall hair, from layers to shag styles and more. No matter what cute fall hairstyles you consider, be sure you can have fun with your style! If you enjoy it, you'll feel just as energetic and beautiful as the season.

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Cute Fall Hairdos