Cute Layered Haircuts for Teens

Add playful bangs and layers!

There are plenty of cute layered haircuts for teens that are youthful and versatile for nearly every hair length. Layers are a great way to add volume, body, and separation. While styling time with layers may be slightly increased, the finished style can have extended wear thanks to playful updos and accessories. If you're a teen who craves change but wishes to keep the overall length of your hair, take a closer look at these layered style ideas.

Ideas for Cute Layered Haircuts for Teens

The following layered hair styles will work on short, medium, and long hair. For the best results, always book a full consultation with your stylist to confirm your ideas and expectations. While many of these layered cuts are versatile for most hair types, some textures may work best without added layers.

Long Layers with Bangs

If you want to keep your hair as long as possible but want some style, try bangs. Long layers added to long hair will add just enough movement to keep your style interesting without sacrificing length. Layers will also help remove dry and damaged ends, which in turn will add the healthy bounce and sheen most gals crave. Adding bangs to this already cute layered cut increases the interest and the styling options. Bangs are a great way to frame features such as large eyes and defined cheekbones.

Bangs also cover a multitude of style genres. Whether you're rocking a classic, romantic, bohemian, or emo style, bangs will help you create the artistic looks you love. While nearly every hair type can rock this style, long layers work best on thick hair, as they help to remove weight while adding much needed swing.

Graduated Bob

Not every gal desires long hair, and that's a good thing, since short hairstyles are unique and original. If you want to add some lift and design to your short hairstyle, why not consider a graduated bob? Bobbed hair has made its way back into the mainstream and there is seemingly no end in sight to its flair and versatility.Graduated bobs work with every hair texture, so feel free to explore this cut no matter how much wave or curl you have. Pin-straight locks really show off the chiseled look of this cut, while curls soften the edge, creating a very gradual lift. A graduated bob is angled up in the back and kept longer in the front, so feel free to opt for this style if you want to keep a feminine shape around your face.

Medium Length Layers

One of the most basic and classic cute layered haircuts for teens is the medium length layered cut. While the first image that comes to mind may be Jennifer Aniston's infamous Friends hairstyle, this cut has grown-up and changed since she put it in the spotlight. Medium length layers work best on wavy hair and can be styled in so many ways. If you want chic and shiny, hit your layers with a straightening iron, but if you want artistic and edgy, throw the layers together and pin them into a messy updo. Playing up curls is easy with some texturizing spray and a jumbo barrel curling iron. Medium layers are really the perfect style that is easy enough to maintain, yet playful enough to have so much versatility. This cut can be made even more creative with the addition of specialty hair highlighting and chunky hair highlights.

Get Inspired

For more inspiration, check out fashion magazines and see which hairstyles some of your favorite teen celebrities are wearing. Cut and color trends change with the season, so the best way to stay in style is to gain inspiration from the fashion, entertainment, and beauty industry. Once you've found a celeb style you'd like to recreate, take the photo into your stylist for the best representation of your desired cut. Make sure you pre-book your return appointments every 8-12 weeks so you can ensure your layers stay fresh and full of bounce.

There are many cute layered haircuts for teens you can choose from if you're looking for a unique and personalized style that reflects your personal flair. From choppy layers and chunky highlights to shorter bob styles, there's a great cut perfect for your hair.

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Cute Layered Haircuts for Teens