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Cute Short Haircuts

Short Hair Cuts Pictures
This bob is absolutely adorable!

Stylish and chic, cute short haircuts are surprisingly versatile. Despite popular opinion that shorter hair lengths can't be styled in many ways, there are a number of looks that women with short hair can take advantage of.

The Versatile Short Cut

Short hair can be sexy and sharp, but can just as easily look absolutely adorable. It can be styled into the most classic, simple looks, but can also be manipulated and tousled into something completely unexpected. The bottom line is that short hair is a dream to work with, especially if you happen to love playing around with various looks.

Cute styles in particular are easy to achieve with short hair. They're usually quite simple to style and don't require much maintenance, either. How's that for easy beauty?

Tips for Cute Short Haircuts

There are various short hair styles that naturally suit a traditionally cute look. For example, pixie cuts are inherently charming and sweet, while basic bobbed hair (that is, a style that is all one length) is associated with youthful, girlish looks.

If you like to experiment with your look and enjoy looking foxy one day and demure the next, check out these ideas for cute short haircuts. With any of these styles, you'll be able to enjoy a typically cute look, but can also work it into something more dramatic should you so choose.


A bob haircut is one that will undeniably stand the test of time. The traditional bob hair style is cut to one length all around and reaches the chin, although you might opt for slightly longer (or even shorter!) depending on your preference. Inverted bob hair styles - namely those asymmetrical bobs that have grown in popularity over the years - are less cute and definitely more edgy. Keep it smooth and eliminate any frizz with a shine serum for best results.


A short crop can soften up more severe features and looks great on almost all face shapes. To achieve a full-bodied version of the style, the bangs frame the forehead and are swept slightly to one side, while the ends are curled outward. It can be altered, of course, with the addition of some product. Run some wax through random strands to create a mussed yet clean look, or smooth it down with pomade and add a touch of hair spray to the curls to keep it all in place.


If your hair isn't closely cropped to your scalp and you love curly hair, you'll be happy to know that you can still achieve cute curls with your short 'do. Note that hair should be medium to thick to best hold this style. Begin by spritzing the hair with styling spray and drying with a round brush for volume. Wrap hair in small rollers, ensuring each section is roughly one inch. Mist hairspray over the entire head, remove the rollers and brush lightly. Voila - instant body and curls!


The aforementioned pixie cut saves time and is, quite simply, always adorable. How you style it, though, can mean the difference between edgy and sweet. To go for a cuter look, allow it to dry naturally and smooth it down with pomade. Affix a small, bejeweled hairpin to one side if you want to add a touch of sparkle or whimsy to your look. Look to actress Michelle Williams for inspiration; she's successfully sported this short style for years and it suits her beautifully.

Accessorize Your Style

It's not just the cut that contributes to an overall cute look. Accessories can add a certain charm to your hairstyle, too. Don't worry that you'll end up looking like your five-year-old self, either - today, there's no dearth of grownup, chic accessories available. They'll dress up your look with a girly twist.

  • Try one of Juicy Couture's three-piece headbands. It consists of three elastic bands worn together. Not only will they keep stray hairs in check, they'll add a splash of color to your strands.
  • The Marc by Marc Jacobs lineup includes a range of adorable hair clips and other accessories. They'll add some sweetness and sparkle to your style year round.

Cute short haircuts can be adorable one day and chic the next. The trick is to find the best style that works for you, to know how to coif it appropriately for your mood, and to use the right accessories to bring out your cute inner self.

Cute Short Haircuts