Cute and Funky Hairstyles

Funky can be cute!

Cute and funky hairstyles can be the perfect style solution if you're in the mood for experimenting with your look. Offering a certain charm while still allowing you to go just a little bit crazy, these styles might be exactly what you need to debut a new look.

Uniting Funky and Cute

Bold, out-and-out funky styles aren't typically described as cute, but that's not to say that they don't have their own unique charm. Things like boldly funky colored strands, dramatic textures, braids of varying sizes, faux dreadlocks and sharp angles are just a few of the truly popular ideas that funky hair styles may include. If styled in a certain way or accessorized with just the right adornments, they could easily be considered cute. If you are interested in softening a funky style just a bit and maybe even styling it in a way that transitions easily into your everyday life, cute is definitely the way to go!

Ideas for Cute and Funky Hairstyles

Whether you're ready to adopt a completely new style or just want to shake up your existing look a little bit, you can bet the addition of a few cute accessories or just the slightest hint of change will do the trick.

The Cute and Funky Pixie Cut

Nothing says "adorable hair" quite like the close-cropped pixie cut. This short hair style is easier for some face types to pull off than others. Actresses like Michelle Williams and Selma Blair have both worn the look with opposing style viewpoints; Williams' complemented her slightly round face with its short, sideswept, wispy bangs, while Blair's was edgier, choppier and less structured.

If you're opting for something that suggests sweetness and light, follow Williams' lead. Increase its "funk value" by using a texturizing product to urge hair in different directions. On other days, push it back with a headband.


Braids are versatile and can be worn in a number of dressy or casual styles. They're also popular elements in a wardrobe of funky hairstyles. For longer hair, braids worn in that old-fashioned, slightly unexpected "milkmaid" style can easily take on an edgy stance when accessorized properly. Part hair in the center and weave both sides into slightly loose braids. Secure them with elastics and finish by throwing on a slouchy cap or beret. The braids should look slightly unfinished and the hat should fall slightly to one side to really look casual and lived in.

Funky Rocked Out Hair

If your hair is cut in a trendy bob style, this look will be easy to achieve. Use a hair dryer and flat iron to straighten the hair completely. Add a touch of shine pomade to your bangs to keep them sleek, and balance this smooth territory out with a hint of styling paste or texturizing cream on the ends. Create a piecy and slightly undone effect for best results. If you're so inclined, you might want to affix a small, sparkly clip to one side of your hair, perhaps to pin your bangs to one side. A bejeweled bobby pin is appropriate for just about any age group and adds a sweet, feminine slant to an otherwise edgy look.

Going Asymmetric

Asymmetrical haircuts have enjoyed plenty of time in the spotlight. Though the look usually leans more toward the dramatic side, it doesn't have to make you look like a rock star every time. Even the chicest, most blunt cuts can be softened with a bit of ingenuity. If your sassy bob hair style is asymmetrical, it's slightly shorter in the back and becomes gradually longer toward the front. If you wish to soften the look, pin back those edgy longer pieces with a clip, leaving a piece or two to frame the face. This unites the best of both worlds - your funky asymmetrical cut is apparent, but the clip and face-framing strands add a touch of innocence.

How to Make Your Hair Cute and Funky

Chances are you aren't a child and probably don't want to appear as though you've taken style inspiration from one, either. That's key if your goal is to achieve cute and funky hairstyles that don't look too youthful. The sweet side should be balanced well by the edgier qualities of your hairstyle. Don't overdo the accessories, and keep in mind that the style should always flatter your face shape and bring out your best features. By softening your funky style, you can show your inner softness as well and bring more versatility to your look for any occasion.

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