Dark Punk Hair Color

Contrasts make a punk statement.

If you want to make a moody and brooding hair style change, a dark punk hair color may be perfect. While emo and punk hairstyle trends vary year after year, dark colors reign in the alternative hair culture.

Trying Out Dark Punk Hair Color

If you're ready to journey to the dark side of the hair color chart, it helps to find a deep selection in a color family that flatters your skin tone. While a black hair color is the most universally popular punk hair color shade, black hair in itself has the potential of tiring and aging the complexion. If you have naturally dark blonde or brunette hair, chances are a dark hair color will be so drastic against your skin, you'll want to pull some flattering tones into the shade to feel comfortable and look your best as you richen your roots.

Rather than opt for a dark brunette or black shade, why not try more unique color suggestions, each of which will add warmth and richness to the skin tone?

Dark Brown with Red Highlights

If you have autumn coloring, a deep brunette shade accented with red hair highlights will emphasize your warm and fiery personality. Women with pale to olive skin can work this look, as long as their underlying tones are warm. A deep chocolate brown as opposed to an ashy shade will help richen your complexion as you scale down on the color chart. While this color selection can work year round, it is especially striking in the autumn and winter months.

Black with Blue Undertones

Women and men with cool undertones can work with black and blue shades flawlessly. The paler your complexion, the easier it will be to transition to this bold emo hair color. While a dark hair color lacks the maintenance of highlighted outgrowth, your natural hair color will grow in monthly and create an unfavorable line of demarcation which will require color touch-ups every 4 to 5 weeks. While an over-the-counter boxed color can be applied with ease, professional coloring services will ensure a flattering tone and technical application. For a wild approach to this hair color suggestion, have your stylist chunk in a few electric blue highlights. Keep in mind funky hair colors will fade quickly and require their own maintenance separate from your base color.

Dark Auburn

A dark auburn hair color is a wonderful suggestion for those who want to err on the side of caution while still playing with unique hair colors. Auburn locks can range from cool to warm depending on their underlying pigments, and they can be applied in a variety of levels to compliment many different skin tones. When paired with chunky hair highlights in white or even pink, an auburn hair color can become quite punk. While red tones easily penetrate into porous hair, the pigments tend to fade the quickest. A color preserving shampoo or a custom blended color depositing cleanser will help maintain your auburn hues in between color touch-ups.

Chocolate Brown with Black

For a striking alternative to the traditional black and blonde punk color pairing combination, why not experiment with a deep chocolate brown accented with heavy black chunks of lowlights? This color suggestion works on nearly every skin tone, and adds just enough pop to be different. A rich brunette allover color will create a vivid and warm base, while black chunks of hair lowlights shades will add the punk drama. This color suggestion is low maintenance and will withstand spaced out hair appointments with minimal fading.

Go Temporary

While temporary or semi-permanent hair color formula will fade much quicker than a permanent base, it makes sense to try out your color ideas prior to making a long term commitment. A talented hair colorist will be able to formulate a custom color in a temporary base that will give you time to adapt to your new punk color before making the bold and drastic commitment!

If you want to add bold personality to your hair color, consider different dark punk hair color ideas that can add a richness and sharpness to your style in deep tones you can love.

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Dark Punk Hair Color